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Monthly Archives: December 2006

dogs on leads in Parks

Local residents are organising a petition to reverse the Council’s new rules that dogs must be kept on leads in Southwark Parks. See the petition text below. This seems a useful piece of information to circulate. Hope that is OK for the non dog owners on the list.
If you want to sign the petition just copy and paste the petition text below into a new email and give your name and address [email address removed]

We, the undersigned, ask the Council to reverse their decision to order dogs to be kept on a lead in almost all Southwark Parks. We ask them to return to the previous position whereby dogs had to be kept under control but not necessarily on a lead.

For more than 30 years dogs have run free, with no serious incidents. Dog walkers and their families have helped to foster a community spirit and keep the parks safe for everyone to use. We are disturbed that there was no consultation with us, the people who use the parks.