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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Save the South London Line

You will be interested in this if you use the South London Line between Victoria and London Bridge. This email is circulated by the Peckham Residents’ Network.

The attached note/flyer was produced after the first meeting of the Southwark Rail Users’ Group last week, which discussed Network Rail’s draft South London RUS (Rail Utilisation Strategy).

Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be interested. If you can, please print the attached Word document as a flyer to hand out to fellow rail users. The deadline for comments on the RUS is 26th October 2007. You can send them by email to

Here are some extracts from the attached note:



By email:
Or by post: to South London RUS Consultation Response, National RUS Consultation Manager, Network Rail, 8th Floor, 40 Melton Street, London NW1 2EE

The new strategy would result in:
* No direct trains between Wandsworth Rd, Clapham High St, Denmark Hill and London Bridge (currently 2 per hour)
* Direct trains between Peckham Rye, Queens Rd Peckham and South Bermondsey to London Bridge reduced.
* No direct trains between South Bermondsey, Queens Road Peckham and Victoria (currently 2 per hour).

The on-line petition asks:
We the undersigned call on Network Rail to:

1) Keep the South London Line service between London Bridge/Victoria as it is today, at minimum.

2) Explore the option of taking the existing service to London Bridge on to Charing Cross, Blackfriars or beyond to alleviate issues with platform availability at London Bridge.

3) Provide assurances that phase 2 of the East London Line extension (linking from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction via Queens Rd, Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill) will mean 4 East London Line trains per hour serving our stations IN ADDITION to the South London Line trains to Victoria and London Bridge, not instead of them. SAVE THE SOUTH LONDON LINE!
* email this on to other rail users
* print the attached flyer to hand out at the station/on the train

Distributed by the Southwark Rail Users Group
To get involved in saving the Loop Line and improving local rail services and stations, please email: Southwark Rail Users’ Group: SRUG


Licensing review: Blues Club – 43 Peckham High Street

If you live within walking distance of Peckham High Street, or if you visit the High Street for any reason, you may wish to comment on the licensing review of Blues Club – 43 Peckham High Street – see information below. If you need further information about this, please email the Council:

This information is circulated to you by the Peckham Residents’ Network.

A local resident has reported that:

“”We have heard that the police have requested a licensing review of Blues (also known as ‘Good Times’), a night club, at 43 Peckham High Street. The reason is the history of violence at the club where weapons were taken to the premises and used. Two recorded examples of this being someone having entered via the rear fire exit and discharging a firearm, and on another occasion a stabbing outside the club.

Anyone who has views about this and would like the license to be revoked should write to the Council , saying so by 12 October. All the points above can be quoted as reasons for objecting to the continued license of the premises. Unfortunately as the deadline for representations on it is so soon, David Swaby who is the Licensing Officer taking care of this case said that we can write objecting to the license on Crime and Disorder and Public Safety based on what we know from the Police, and request from him further history on the premises so
that we can send an addendum to the letter after the 12th.

Owing to the strike, letters should be sent via email by 12th October:”

You should quote ‘Licensing review: Blues Club – 43 Peckham High Street’, and give your name and address, in your email.