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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Bussey Building new exhibition – private view Thurs 21st February

This information about a new exhibition, this week and next in the Bussey Building (on the site proposed for the tram depot), is circulated by the Peckham Residents Network.

The Hannah Barry Gallery invites you to
a private view 6 – 9pm Thursday 21st February,
and to an exhibition Friday 22nd – Friday 29th February:
open 3 – 8 pm daily and 12 – 5 pm at the weekend,
accompanied by a sequence of timed events: see the list below.

Please join us on Thursday 21st February from 6 – 9 pm to celebrate the opening of MANY WORLDS by Bobby Dowler, our second exhibition of the year

The exhibition is on the first floor at The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15. This Victorian cricket bat factory is a short walk from Peckham Rye station, accessible overground from London Bridge and Victoria. A map is enclosed.

Bobby’s accompanying Sequence of Events is copied below.

We hope to see you on Thursday.
Hannah Barry


Sun 9 March EDGE Open Day – new school campaign

This information, from EDGE (East Dulwich for a Good Education), is circulated by the Peckham Residents’ Network

Community Centre, 46-64 Darrell Road, London SE22 9NL
live performance of the Dulwich Ukulele Club tea & cakes. Children welcome.

Come to the East Dulwich Community Centre for an update on all the key issues regarding the new school:size & number of pupils, design, feasibility, history of local parents’ campaign, pros and cons of academies

Full details in the attached leaflet. Background below.

• Email: to join the mailing list

Some background

Lord Harris proposes to build an Academy for 950 boys on the tiny disused site of the old Waverley Lower School, nearly trebling previous numbers, with Southwark Council’s support. Edge is calling for discussions about the size and other matters.

Several years ago, the Council themselves concluded that the site could not support more than 450 children. The site of the Girls’ Academy on the other side of the park has treble the amount of space, yet will support the same number of pupils.

The building required to accommodate 950 boys will mean virtually no outdoor space for play and sport, even though this is planed to be a specialist sports school. In fact, Harris have said that sport will be indoors. Meanwhile, they are closing the swimming pool in the Girls’ Academy – saying it is too expensive – and Peckham Rye Park & Common cannot sustain potential heavy use.

severe noise increase in Peckham from Heathrow extension

This information about the effect of the Government’s plans to expand Heathrow is circulated by the Peckham Residents’ Network.

The information is extracted from campaign website It says that there will be severe effects right across a noise corridor in south east London including Peckham, Camberwell and Dulwich, and beyond, although the Government is consulting only people who live near Heathrow. The attached map shows part of the noise effect corridor stretching back into Wandsworth, and goes on beyond Wandsworth to Greenwich. If you want to make your views known, see the campaign website for the action details.
From the campaign website:

“”The Government launched its consultation into expansion at Heathrow on 23rd November. It will last until 27th February. The Government expects to make a decision later this year. If the plans go ahead, the number of planes could rise from 473,000 a year to over 702,000. This will require the demolition of hundreds, even thousands, of homes. It will also bring more noise disturbance and increase climate change emissions.””

Information about the campaign to stop the expansion is on

A petition is at

Mass Rally in Central Halls Westminster at 7pm on 25th February

The description of the effect on different areas along the South East London corridor will be affected by the proposed expansion is at

The main thing seems to be a very big increase in disturbance all day when the west wind is blowing:

on Peckham and also on Blackheath, Camberwell, Docklands, Dulwich, Greenwich, Lewisham:
Aircraft landing all day long when west wind is blowing – a big increase in aircraft overhead as there will be more flights on the existing runways and also flights heading for the new runway.

on Brixton, Clapham:
Aircraft landing all day long when west wind is blowing – maybe more than one every 90 seconds for much longer periods throughout the day as there will be flights heading for all three runways.

on Battersea:
Aircraft landing all day long when west wind is blowing – up to one every 90 seconds for much longer periods throughout the day.

The noise effect corridor stretches back into south east London, and goes on beyond Wandsworth to Greenwich