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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Post Office Closures

Local Bellenden residents are urging people to sign the petition in the Melbourne Grove Post Office, against its closure. If it goes it will make the queues even longer at Lordship Lane and Rye Lane post offices. So all who depend on these local post offices need to support the campaign to keep it open. If you use the bigger ones, which are full to overflowing most times, you have an interest in keeping Melbourne Grove open.

All objections must be received by April 2.


or write to: Anita TurnerNetwork Development Manager
Post Office Ltd
C/O National Consultation Team
FREEPOST CONSULTATION TEAM (no stamp or further address needed)
Helpline: 08457 223344
List of Post Offices nearest Bellenden proposed for closure:
(see Southwark News )

5. Melbourne Grove Post Office
6. Nunhead Post Office, Gibbon Road
7. 654 Old Kent Road Post Office
8. Peckham Road Post Office
For further information see:

Cllr Richard Thomas
London Assembly Member Val Shawcross

Closure Programme
London closures


Peckham Residents’ Network

The network has grown out of the Bellenden Residents’ Group work on town centre issues:

  • the state of Rye Lane and Peckham Rye station.
  • the UDP (Unitary Development Plan) on Peckham town centre.
  • the discovery of the plans to demolish and close off a large site for the tram depot.
  • the preparations for developing the Peckham Area Action Plan (PAAP).

The network helps residents:

  • to keep in touch with each other over town centre & other local issues,
  • to become well informed to have a real effect on the improvement of Peckham,
  • by using email, workshops and newsletters,
  • by pioneering new ways for residents to engage with the council and others.

New ways of engaging:

  • Rye Lane & Station Action Group (RLSAG) for real and visible improvements,
  • Peckham Rye Working Group for an integrated plan for Peckham Rye Common North,
  • Peckham Vision – residents, artists & traders – for an integrated Peckham town centre,
  • Community Council Tram Working Group, on the tram route & tram depot location,
  • emerging topics include rail services, car parking, safety, community cohesion.

the local residents’ network run by residents for residents
improving Peckham town centre