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29 Apr-6 May: new Hannah Barry Gallery 133 Rye Lane

This information below about a new gallery, beside the Bussey building in the heart of Peckham town centre, is circulated by the Peckham Residents Network.
The new Hannah Barry Gallery
Warehouse 9i, next to the Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15
Tuesday 29 April 6 – 8 pm – celebrating the opening of
DAY DREAM RECEIVER, Eleven Paintings by Christopher Green.
The exhibition will run daily 1 – 7 pm until Tuesday 6 May 2008.
directions to the gallery:
further information – Hannah Barry <>
To stand still after all that chatter,
and pick out one particular thing

Christopher Green looks intensely at the colour, form and texture that can be found in the world. Working in this way he is acutely sensitive to bright colours and the shades between them, the way light falls and the shapes it makes and the way things feel when touched. He combines his everyday experiences of objects – a shelf, a window, a lamp, a canvas – and the world around him – the sea, the beach, the sky, plants and their growth – with the mysterious activity of the waking and sleeping imagination. Conscious images are used in surprising and incongruous ways – a canvas is in the sea, plants grow from a shelf. From this he is able to make pictures in which real and imagined things cannot be separated. In this way he makes paintings that have a life that is entirely their own.
The paintings in this exhibition are restrained and rigorous but absolutely complete: the shelf is full, the plants have grown, the blind is lowered. They make us aware of the importance of the artist’s life in his studio – that significant room of one’s own – and the powers of precise observation, intense concentration, surrender and liberation necessary for works of art to be made.


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