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drug treatment centre above McDonalds Rye Lane

If you have an interest in Peckham town centre, and/or treatment and support for drug users, you might like to know about a planning application for use of the floors above McDonalds next to the station. See below.
Email from Bellenden Residents’ Group

Dear local resident

The Southwark Drug Action Team are currently seeking premises for their Drugs Intervention Programme – a range of treatment and counselling services that seek to tackle drug-related crime.

They have applied for planning permission for a change of use of the second and third floor offices above McDonalds at 72 Rye Lane, to use for this project as a *a non-residential Institution*.
Comments and/or objections have to be in by 5th June 2008, and sent direct to <>
The planning reference is 08/AP/1068, and the planning application details and how to comment or object can be seen on the Council website

This project represents a substantial change of use for this space above McDonalds. If it works well it will be a great benefit to the users and their families. If it does not work well it may have adverse effects on the town centre.
The Town Centre Management Group (PTCMG) which represents the traders and businesses in the town centre have sent the information to their members, and suggested that they consider a number of questions in thinking about their response to the planning application. These are copied below.
The Drug Action Team is circulating information about the programme and the project. See this below.

If you have any queries on this planning application, please let us know by clicking Reply to this email to: If we get any more useful information we will circulate it.
If you would like to seek views or advice from The Lane ward councillors, email <>
If you have any experience of this kind of centre elsewhere – how it operates, and what impact it has on the locality – please let us know. If you comment on the planning application, please CC it to us so we can build up a picture of what local residents think.
If you want to influence the result you must send your comments direct to<> with your name and address and the case number 08/AP/1068

pp Bellenden Residents’ Group

The Town Centre Management Group (PTCMG) which represents the traders and businesses in the town centre have sent the information to their members, and suggested they consider the following matters in thinking about their response the planning application:

1.The area is frequented by young people on a regular basis (McDonalds and the Cinema opposite) and it has to be questioned that with the close proximity of young people to a drugs treatment centre is there potential for conflicts?
2.The centre is right in the heart of the town centre, and very close to the train station; again will this cause conflict with commuters and the image of the area? (something we are struggling to improve at the moment)
3.Does the town centre need a drugs treatment centre, or would it be better located at the edges where there is less potential for conflict with shoppers, commuters and young people (especially when the centre is closed and people are arriving at it for medication)?
4.Will a drugs treatment centre create a potential rise in begging around the area? (I have no information concerning this from other areas and would appreciate any information provided)
5.What image does it give for Peckham if there is a drugs treatment centre in the middle of a busy town centre ?

Subject: Programme for Drug Interventions Programme service
From: <>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 15:05:25
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you, as Bellenden Residents Group, to inform you about some of our plans arising from Southwark’s Crime and Drugs Strategy as they relate specifically to the Peckham Rye area.
As part of that strategy we are currently seeking premises from which to operate the Drugs Intervention Programme – a range of treatment and counselling services that seek to tackle drug-related crime. We have now identified premises above McDonalds in Rye Lane as suitable for our purposes and have just submitted a planning application to this effect.
We are confident that this project will make a very real contribution to reducing drug use and drug-related crime in the area. However, we also recognise that the proposal may prove a little discomforting for some people not familiar with the concept and we are keen to address this. Whilst the basic details of the proposal will be circulated during the planning application process, I am attaching a more detailed briefing paper for your information [email for a copy]
I should be most grateful if you could bring this to the attention of your Residents Group members as you see fit. Should you require any further information or clarification in relation to this proposal please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 7525 3040.
Yours sincerely
Tony Lawlor
Substance Misuse CommissionerSouthwark Drug and Alcohol Action Team
9th May 2008


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