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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Invitation to a News of the World event – Tues 5th Aug 7pm

This invitation is sent to you by the Peckham Residents Network.
From: Philip Whiteside
Reporter, News of the World

My name is Philip Whiteside and I am a reporter at News of the World.
Our newspaper has been running a Save Our Streets campaign for several weeks and holding a series of debates up and down the country. All have been well attended with many people affected by the issues of violent crime taking their opportunity to express how they feel.
We are holding a debate, next Tuesday 5th August at 7pm, at City Hall in London and would love you, or anyone you know who may appreciate the chance to attend the event, to come along as part of our specially invited audience. It is the main event for the capital and promises to be a lively debate, discussing how we can work towards ridding our streets of the gun and knife crime epidemic.
There is a high profile panel, chaired by Nick Ross. Several of the families of those who have been victims of violent crime have also been invited.
Admission is free, but is strictly by ticket only, so if you want to come please e-mail me at and I will sort out some tickets for you.
If you want more information, you can look at our website

Many thanks for your time,
Philip Whiteside