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Have Your Say on Policing in London

See below an email from the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) asking the public if they will fill in an on-line short questionnaire giving their views on policing priorities. The completed questionnaire needs to be submitted by 1st December.

Email from MPA:

Have Your Say on Policing in London

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is consulting on London’s policing priorities for 2010/11. We are interested in your opinion.

Please take part in a short questionnaire to tell us your views. To complete a questionnaire click here. Questionnaires need to submitted by 1st December 2008. We look forward to hearing your views on policing in London.

Are the police focusing on areas that are important to you? The MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) policing priorities are reviewed every year. We hope the short online questionnaire will help you to tell us what you think:
* What are your top three priorities for policing in London?
* Why do you choose these priorities?
* What should the MPS be doing to tackle these priorities?

The current policing priorities can be found on the MPA website within the Policing London business plan. Please take part and have your say on policing in London. Thanks for taking part in the survey.


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