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license application for Blue Bar 14 Peckham High St

This will be of interest to anyone who lives in the vicinity of Peckham High Street, or uses Peckham High Street as a bus passenger, shopper, or is a visitor for any reason to that part of the town centre. It is a further bar licensing application for premises which have caused severe trouble before.
Local residents who live near the premises have compiled a list of reasons for objecting to the license application (see below) and hope that others who live near or who use Peckham High Street will support them in their opposition. Objections have to be submitted by 4th February. See all details below.

For further information, and a cc of your objection, please email:
– local residents: and
– Cllr Gordon Nardell:
For Council information: click here
This is the format for an objection:
send by email to:

Licence number: 828963
Dear Sir/Madam,
I object to the proposed premises licence of ‘Blue Bar’ at 14 Peckham High
Street SE15 5DT for the following reasons:
• The proposed licensed premises are within a Saturation Zone. As part of Southwark’s Saturation Policy, in such areas it is for the applicant to demonstrate reasons why a licence should be awarded. The application does not do this.
• The prevention of public nuisance: There are many residential units in close proximity to 14 Peckham High Street. If a licence were granted, noise from patrons entering and exiting the premises, and from music would adversely affect the quality of life of residents in the area to an unacceptable extent.
• The prevention of crime and disorder: There is insufficient information in the application on how the applicant plans to overcome the significant crime and disorder issues which have historically been associated with the premises.
• Public safety: There is insufficient information in the application on how the applicant plans to overcome public safety concerns which have historically been associated with the premises (discharging of firearms inside and outside the premises)
• The licence sought is for the premises and can therefore be leased on. I am very concerned about mismanagement and abuses of any potential licence, as has been the case in the past when the premises was licensed and sub-let/leased. Without detailed information about the credentials of who the premises may be leased or sub-let to, I object to this application.
Yours faithfully,
Representations can be sent to the following by 4th February 2009 –
MUST include name, address, date:
By email:
By post (signature needed if sent by post or fax) :
Southwark Council
Licensing Unit
Chaplin Centre
Thurlow Street, London  SE17 2DG
By fax transmission: 020 7525 5705

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