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Friends of Goose Green Newsletter – January 2009

Dear friend of Goose Green
Greetings for the New Year! Friends of Goose Green have had a busy 2008, and expect a similarly busy 2009. Here is a brief report on what has been happening, and some of what is to come.
SATURDAY 7th MARCH 11am-2pm at the FoGG Gazebo on Goose Green. Come and talk to us,
get information, tell us what ever you want to about Goose Green.

WEDNESDAY 11th MARCH 7pm Goose Green Centre. Advance Notice of AGM see more below.
On the 17th December we celebrated the completion of phase one of the improvement & renewal of the playground, which is for the younger users. We had many excited children and parents attend as it was a lovely winter’s day. Pictures can be seen on our website’s gallery Southwark’s Parks Department supplied balloons and a member of FoGG, Steve Storr, designed a colouring sheet for the children to take home. The funding for phase one came mainly from Nunhead & Peckham Rye Community Council Cleaner Greener Safer funds and ‘section 106’ moneys from the developer of the East Dulwich Road flats opposite. FoGG will continue to work with Green Dreams, a landscape design company, to raise funds and agree layouts and plans for phases 2 & 3which are aimed at the older children using the playground. Plans for the next phase will be displayed soon in the Goose Green noticeboards.

The bottom half of the William Blake Mural on the house wall overlooking the Playground, was over-painted without warning by the Council to cover up some graffiti. After protests by FoGG and local residents, Stan Peskett the original artist, now living in the US also protested. The Council said it was a mistake, and apologised to him, and everyone else for taking action without consultation. They asked Stan Peskett for advice, and he proposed a new mural on the same William Blake theme. Like the original one in 1993, this will be done as a project with local children, funded by the Council. The work is expected to be launched at the Goose Green Fair in the Dulwich Festival this year in May.

Last year you may have noticed a boggy area that appeared in the Green near the Adys Road end, and some construction works at the Lordship Lane end. Surprisingly these were connected!  After numerous investigations of the growing bog, the Council and Water Company discovered that there was a leak in a water pipe under Goose Green. To repair this and ensure ease of access in future, they decided to install a ‘Sahara Chamber’ at the Lordship Lane end of the Green. This is said to give adequate access to the pipes. We are told it will be covered by a barely visible man-hole cover.
Hopefully no more growing bogs.

There are now two Notice Boards for Goose Green: one at either end of the diagonal path across the Green. Pictures can be seen on our website’s gallery These were funded by the Council on a FoGG proposal. The boards were chosen by FoGG Management Committee from a selection proposed by the Council, and the Council Parks Department carried out the work to acquire them and install them. They are for the display of information about Goose Green. If you have something to display please email: or phone Ursula Allison in the Parks Dept – 020 7525 0707

After much local concern was expressed about the installation, without consultation, of the fence across Goose Green, the Council decided at the end of 2007 to remove it to reuse it elsewhere in the borough, and to rethink what to do about a fence for a dog free area on Goose Green. The fence is to be removed by the Council Department (Bellenden Renewal Team) that installed it. This was going to happen all last year, but now we are told it should be sometime in the next few months. There will then be six months without a fence and the Parks Department will consult Goose Green users and the local public on whether to reinstate a fence and if so where it should go. Any fence would be similar to the current external fence. A fence installed to create a dog free area would need to be preceded by a Dog Control Order to create a dog free area so that it could be enforced.
A major problem with the current arrangement is that the Council has no powers to enforce a dog free area. The FoGG Management Committee members, just like other Goose Green users and supporters, have divided views about the fence. Some want a dog free area, some want to preserve the Open Space nature of the Green and do not wish to have any fence, some would prefer no fence but are willing to contemplate one to provide a dog free area, provided it is properly designed and located. But we look forward to the current fence being removed so the Council can get on to the next phase of deciding what the feasible options are and consulting the local public. We will do our best to ensure that this is a good process. If you want to help make that happen, get in touch with us. See below.

Since local residents started meeting in 2007 about Goose Green, we have had valuable support from Ursula Allison, the Council’s Parks officer responsible for parks and open spaces in this area. She helped us set up FoGG, and now continues support in our various dealings with different parts of the Council. Local ward councillors have been very supportive from both The Lane and South Camberwell. We have made a lot of progress in developing good working relations with the Community Wardens, Events and Parks Departments, and are grateful for their co-operation and
support. One notable success has been that, after FoGG asked, Goose Green was included in the responsibilities of the Dulwich Community Wardens. This makes huge sense as their office overlooks Goose Green, but as it is just over the boundary inside the Camberwell Community Council area it wasn’t theirs. There is still some way to get the message across to all Departments that keeping FoGG informed is an effective way! to manage the Green – the Mural incident was an example of what happens when they don’t. But the Council did apologise about this all the way up
to the Chief Executive of the Council, and they are generally very encouraging and supportive of Friends groups like FoGG.

This is advance notice of the AGM on Wednesday 11th March 7pm at the Goose Green Centre. This will be a good chance to find out how you can help preserve and nurture Goose Green for its supporters and users. If you want to be more involved, you can volunteer for the Management Committee. We meet about every two months, and do a lot of work by email. We have some spare places and would be very glad to welcome new members. But you don’t need to commit yourself to that straightaway – you can volunteer in other ways as well, or just attend the Management Committee meetings if you want to get a feel for what it is all about.

Do please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in any way. If you would like to speak on the phone or meet us, let us know and we will be in touch. email: or phone Ursula Allison in the Parks Dept – 020 7525 0707

We hope to hear from some of you, and to see you at Goose Green on 7th March or the AGM on 11th March.

best wishes
Management Committee
Friends of Goose Green (FoGG)


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