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Future of NHS Southwark

Below is an email from Southwark Primary Care Trust about the future of primary health and social care facilities in the borough.

The consultation document, and on-line survey are at Pages 23 & 24 give the proposals for our area in Dulwich and Peckham, including the future of the Dulwich Hospital site. Paper copies are available from

They will be taking comments until 17 April. This gives enough time for local residents to get the document, alert their local groups and/or neighbours to discuss it, and develop some views to get into the consultation.

For further information contact the Patient & Public Involvement Team
phone: 020 3299 6444


NHS Southwark is just now embarking on a consultation process, up to April 2009, for our primary and community care strategy, which includes the model for the Dulwich Health and Social Care Centre. As this involves a proposal to develop the new centre on the Dulwich Hospital site, we are particularly keen to hear from local residents.

PDF copies of the Consultation document and the accompanying survey can also be found on The attachments are too large to email, but if anyone would like copies emailed or posted to them please get in touch (details at end). We want to involve a wide range of local people to give us their views and experiences, so if you are able to support us by passing these details onto your friends, neighbours, colleagues or service users, we would very much appreciate it. Paper copies are being delivered from Wednesday, and if you work within a local
organisation and would like extra copies, please let me know.

How can people give feedback?
By POST: The survey can be printed out and when completed posted (no stamp required) to Transforming Southwark’s NHS, FREEPOST, Milton Hall, 244 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4BQ
ONLINE: An on-line survey can be found at

Other methods of consultation
This consultation is being delivered by a consultancy called Vision TwentyOne, who can be contacted on 0845 230 0139. As well as the attached written survey, they will be conducting one-to-one interviews, telephone surveys and focus groups locally, and are particularly keen to get in touch with groups that are seldom heard. If you have any ideas how they may be able to speak with groups of people from different ethnic communities, disabled residents, people with mental health concerns or anyone else who may have difficulty giving their views then please do contact Vision TwentyOne.

If you would like to be on our direct mailing list – or if you have any other queries – please get in touch with our Patient & Public Involvement Team on 020 3299 6444 or email

Many thanks,
Keri Lewis
Patient & Public Involvement Facilitator
Southwark Primary Care Trust
Dulwich Community Hospital
East Dulwich Grove
London SE22 8PT
Tel 020 3299 6444

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