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improvements at junctions Rye Lane, Peckham Rye, Nigel Rd, Heaton Rd, Sternhall Lane

Do you ever walk, cycle, use the buses, ride a motor bike, or drive a car through any part of the junctions at the south end of Rye Lane?
If you do, you might be interested to come and see proposals for improving the whole layout. This is an unsafe set of junctions and a great opportunity for users of them to contribute to the design before the formal consultation. See below the Council details of meeting and walkabout next Wednesday 27 May.
If you aim to go, or have any queries, email who is arranging the meeting for the Council.
Invitation from Southwark Council
Dear Stakeholder,
You are invited to attend a design workshop to discuss new proposals for highway, public realm and road safety improvements between Rye Lane (junction with Heaton Road & Sternhall Lane) and Peckham Rye (junctions with Nigel Road and Philip Walk). The meeting will be held on 
WEDNESDAY 27th MAY 5pm-7pm
meeting first at
The CLF Art Cafe
1st Floor Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane
London SE15 3ST
(entrance opposite Blenheim Grove near station)
Southwark Council has joined together funding from recent development contributions with Transport for London’s LIP, cycling and road safety budgets to drive forward a large scheme for this important location. Under discussion will be:
•proposed new facilities for pedestrians and cyclists;
•proposed new trees and landscaping;
•proposed changes to traffic operation at the junction of Rye Lane and Sternhall Road; and,
•the proposed redevelopment of the public space outside the Nags Head Pub.

During the workshop you’ll be given the opportunity to collaborate with Southwark’s engineers and designers, and to help make sure the proposals make the most of this great opportunity to improve the area. The event will start at the above venue, where we can take a look at current plans of the proposals, and then move on to a ‘walkabout’, where we can discuss the challenges and opportunities of the scheme on site.   
I hope you are able to attend. Please reply letting me know whether you can so that we have an idea of numbers attending.
Kind Regards
Chris Gibney
On behalf of Southwark Council


time to get yr. comments in on the PNAAP

Do you have any burning issues about Peckham town centre or your neighbourhood in Peckham or Nunhead? If so this is your great chance to get your views in about them, and the Council has to listen and respond!
The formal date to submit comments on the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) is Monday 25 May. But there is an extension, if you can’t meet that date. They will accept them later if, before 25 May, you email . Just let them know when you aim to get your comments to them.

COUNCIL DOCUMENTS for reference:
– Overview of the PNAAP and the process at:
– Download copy of Future Peckham, the Council’s report on the Issues & Options: . The report outlines the Issues & Options that the Council wants your comments on – are there any missing and what do you think of the options?

Central Rye Lane: – Some ideas about options for transforming the area around Peckham Rye station to the to the east and west of Rye Lane can be found here:

Traffic: – This is a big issue for residents and for the commercial future of the town centre. Important to spell out any particular problems you know about, and if you have any ideas on how they might be solved by changing the way traffic moves through and around the town centre.

You can write your responses on the questionnaire at and submit direct on the website, or download and send by email, or by post.
If the questions are too restrictive and you have other things to say, you can write comments on a separate page as long as you put **PNAAP consultation** and your name and address on it, and send it with the form with your various details completed.
If you don’t have time to deal with all the questions, look in the questionnaire for the topics and issues you have views on and at least get your views in on those to the Council.
It would be useful to have a cc of your comments including if you have already sent them in. Please email to Peckham Residents’ Network:

If you have any queries on the Council’s report, or the questionnaire, email Brenda at:
If you have any queries on how residents can approach the issues, email Eileen at:

Support the Peckham Saturation Zone extension.

Council proposals for control of licensing in Peckham Town centre
Council arranged meeting
TUESDAY 19 MAY 2009, 7pm – 8.30pm
at the Unity Centre, 37-39 Peckham High Street, SE15 5EB.

The email below from local residents gives information about the Council proposals, and seeks other residents’ support for the proposals. A map of the proposed extension is available here . If you live in the current zone, the proposed extension, or in nearby streets, or care about the future of Peckham town centre, you will be interested in this.
——- Forwarded message follows ——-
Dear Peckham resident,
Have you ever heard stories of shootings and stabbings at bars and clubs in Peckham? Perhaps you have suffered personally from problems of violent disorder or noise nuisance at or around licensed premises in Peckham. Have you ever wondered why the council doesn’t do something about these problems? Well now is your chance to make sure they do, by making your voice heard.
If you live in or around Peckham Town Centre and you believe that the council should have greater powers to combat crime, disorder and nuisance caused by licensed premises in the area, then please act now to support the proposed extension to the Peckham Saturation Zone.
What is the saturation zone?
The Saturation Zone gives the council greater powers to limit the number of licensed premises within the zone.  
The effect of the saturation zone is to factor in the issue of cumulative impact (lots of licensed premises within a concentrated area) when considering license applications within the zone. 
Under the 2003 licensing act, any application for an alcohol or entertainment license should be granted unless it can be demonstrated that it will breach one of the four licensing objectives (prevention of crime & disorder, public safety, prevention of nuisance and prevention of harm to children). 
Within the saturation zone, however, whenever an interested party makes a representation against a new license application, it is down to the applicant to prove that the proposed license will not add to existing problems caused by licensed premises in the area. 
In other words, the default position within the saturation zone is to refuse a license application whenever an objection is raised to it.  
The existing saturation zone has already been used to prevent at least one night club on Rye Lane being given a late-night license. The extension will ensure that residents south and west of the zone are given the same protection.
Does this mean my local pub could be shut down?
No. The saturation zone has no effect on exisiting licenses, only new applications.
But if a license is revoked due to breach of licensing conditions, then any application for a new license at the same premises will be affected by the saturation zone. In effect, this will make it more difficult for problem premises to re-apply for revoked licenses.
What areas are affected?
The current saturation zone stretches from just north of Peckham High Street to Choumert Road/ Bournemouth Rd north-to-south, and from Consort Rd to Sumner Rd/ Bellenden Rd east-to-west. 
The extension will stretch to Talfourd Road/ Lyndhurst Way on the west side and McDermott Rd/ Bernhall Lane/ Heaton Rd on the south side.  
A map of the proposed extension is available at 

How do I make my voice heard?
Download the questionaire on the Saturation Zone extension at and return it to the council licensing department. 
Only those living within the saturation zone area or in surrounding streets are entitled to respond to the consultation.

More details
Full details of the proposed extension are available at 
Saturation zone extension meeting
There is a meeting to discuss the proposed saturation zone extension on Tuesday 19 May 2009, between 7pm and 8.30pm at the Unity Centre, 37-39 Peckham High Street, London SE15 5EB. Call the licensing team on 020 7525 5748 to reserve a place at the meeting.

Who is behind this e-mail?
Tim and Alison Irwin. We live on Peckham High Street and, unfortunately, we have considerable experience of the negative impact badly-run licensed premises and over-generous licensing hours can have on residents’ quality of life, having lived near to the M’Balax nightclub on Peckham High Street for 18 months, until it was closed down following a triple shooting. 
We believe the saturation zone extension will help prevent similar problems within the extension area in the future. We can be contacted at
Once again, if this is an issue that concerns you, please visit the Southwark website and make your voice heard. 
Yours faithfully,
Tim and Alison Irwin.

local rail cuts campaign news

If you are a local Southwark rail user you will be interested in the latest news – see below – from Southwark Rail Users Group (SRUG). If you have not had this latest SRUG email already, and want to join the SRUG mailing list, please
Dear SRUG member
Here is some more news about the campaign to save our direct rail services into central London.

Our latest flyers spell out the significance of the effect, on each of our local stations, of the continuing cuts. For example, from Peckham Rye the services are being cut in HALF:
* Last year there were 8 trains an hour from Peckham Rye to London Bridge, now there are 6. In 2012 there will be 4.
* Victoria services face new cuts. There are 4 an hour now. In 2012 there will be 2.
In our A5 flyer you can see the effect on each of the Southwark stations.

We need to get the message out to all who use our local stations. We have designed some A6 pocket size flyers that you can print out for your own local station. These are attached at the end:
* can you carry some with you in your pocket or bag, and give them out to fellow rail users at your local station whenever you travel?
* where better to find people interested in this, than in your own local station?

We will email later with news of more you can do to help spread the word to all local rail users.
In the meantime, don’t forget to
* sign the web petition
* join the Facebook group
* email the Rail Minister (Lord Adonis) & the Mayor,
Lord Adonis at:
Boris Johnson at:
cc local elected representatives see list here:
If you have any queries, do please email Southwark Rail Users’ Group

Planning Appn for Access Rd to Old Kent Rd WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY

If you live in the eastern part of Peckham or Nunhead you may be affected by the latest proposals for access to the new Waste Management Facility planned for the Old Kent Road. Comments and objections must be submitted early next week. See information about the Waste Management Facility plans here: For further information about this latest stage, email:
Email from Grenadier Residents

Dear Friend
we are sending you this information of our campaign to block the Old Kent Road Waste
Management Facility. As you know – thanks to a terrific joint effort / meetings / petitions etc – we WON the objection for the Access Rd to the Waste Management Facility – at the last planning application meeting / Southwark Town Hall / January 20th 2009.
This may seem small – but because of the contract that the Council entered into with Violia (who will build and run the Waste Management Facility (WMF) on the site) – the WMF can’t go ahead without permission for the access road. A small group of us have recently looked through the enormous documentation accompanying the NEW plans the council have submitted.  The access road continues to be best of a bad lot of options. And remains, badly designed in terms of safety/traffic etc etc.
A NEW PLANNING APPLICATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED – AND PREVIOUS OBJECTIONS ARE THEREFORE CANCELLED! THE CONSULTATION TIME IS EXTREMELY SHORT  – DEADLINE early next week – ( ignore date in Harriet Harman’s letter if you have received it, this is incorrect) – PLEASE PLEASE PRINT OFF THE TEMPLATE LETTER (see the website )– SIGN AND ADDRESS (objection doesn’t count without address). Pass on to anyone else you think this concerns.   And send to:
Helen Goulden                                                    
Regeneration and Neighbourhoods
Council Offices                                        
Chiltern, Portland Street
London SE17 2ES

Each letter received counts – and is recorded as 1 objection. The pre Christmas campaign achieved 300 odd objections in as short a period of time (about 1/3 of those consulted, which is significant). This will affects us all if the plan goes ahead – HUGE thanks for your continued support.
Best wishes
Grenier Residents

Secret deal to cut local rail services

If you use the local rail services you will need to know the information below.
Southwark Rail Users’ Group (SRUG) :
Peckham Rye, Nunhead, South Bermondsey, Queens Road, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, North Dulwich.
It was discovered recently that there was a secret deal between TfL and DfT (Dept for Transport) to axe the planned Victoria-Bellingham service (via Denmark Hill & Peckham Rye). A campaign to reverse this is starting:
* sign the web petition
* join the Facebook group
* further background –

The campaign is being initiated jointly by Southwark Rail Users’ Group, Clapham Transport Users’ Group, the major hospitals at Denmark Hill, and local elected representatives – MPs, London Assembly Member, and ward councillors. The latest decision, like the one to axe the Victoria-Denmark Hill-London Bridge service in 2012, shows the low priority the rail industry gives to our inner south London connections into central London. We have to change that. Take action now!____________________________________________
* email your views:
to Lord Adonis (the Rail Minister) at:
to Boris Johnson at:
cc to your elected representatives (select from list at end)
cc to the local press:,
* please forward this email to your friends and neighbours
* email to get on the mailing list to be kept up to date.
The campaign asks the Department for Transport and the London Mayor
* to rescind the decision to remove the vital SLL (South London Line) train service which runs between Victoria and London Bridge via Battersea Park, Wandsworth Rd, Clapham High Street, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queens Rd Peckham and South Bermondsey.
* to extend the platform lengths at Clapham High Street and Wandsworth Road stations to allow the existing Dartford to Victoria services to call there.
* to extend the existing SLL service beyond London Bridge to Charing Cross.
The campaign also calls for Southwark & Lambeth Councils to join in lobbying the Mayor of London for the retention of the South London Line Services.
Some elected representatives:

Southwark MPs: Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Simon Hughes

London Assembly Member, Lambeth & Southwark:
London Assembly Member & Southwark Councillor:

South Camberwell ward, Denmark Hill station:,,

The Lane ward, Peckham Rye station:,,

Nunhead ward, Queens Road Peckham station: Fiona.Colley@SOUTHWARK.GOV.UK,,

Southwark Council Leader:
Southwark Council Executive Member for Transport: Jeffrey.Hook@SOUTHWARK.GOV.UK