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Planning Appn for Access Rd to Old Kent Rd WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY

If you live in the eastern part of Peckham or Nunhead you may be affected by the latest proposals for access to the new Waste Management Facility planned for the Old Kent Road. Comments and objections must be submitted early next week. See information about the Waste Management Facility plans here: For further information about this latest stage, email:
Email from Grenadier Residents

Dear Friend
we are sending you this information of our campaign to block the Old Kent Road Waste
Management Facility. As you know – thanks to a terrific joint effort / meetings / petitions etc – we WON the objection for the Access Rd to the Waste Management Facility – at the last planning application meeting / Southwark Town Hall / January 20th 2009.
This may seem small – but because of the contract that the Council entered into with Violia (who will build and run the Waste Management Facility (WMF) on the site) – the WMF can’t go ahead without permission for the access road. A small group of us have recently looked through the enormous documentation accompanying the NEW plans the council have submitted.  The access road continues to be best of a bad lot of options. And remains, badly designed in terms of safety/traffic etc etc.
A NEW PLANNING APPLICATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED – AND PREVIOUS OBJECTIONS ARE THEREFORE CANCELLED! THE CONSULTATION TIME IS EXTREMELY SHORT  – DEADLINE early next week – ( ignore date in Harriet Harman’s letter if you have received it, this is incorrect) – PLEASE PLEASE PRINT OFF THE TEMPLATE LETTER (see the website )– SIGN AND ADDRESS (objection doesn’t count without address). Pass on to anyone else you think this concerns.   And send to:
Helen Goulden                                                    
Regeneration and Neighbourhoods
Council Offices                                        
Chiltern, Portland Street
London SE17 2ES

Each letter received counts – and is recorded as 1 objection. The pre Christmas campaign achieved 300 odd objections in as short a period of time (about 1/3 of those consulted, which is significant). This will affects us all if the plan goes ahead – HUGE thanks for your continued support.
Best wishes
Grenier Residents

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