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local rail cuts campaign news

If you are a local Southwark rail user you will be interested in the latest news – see below – from Southwark Rail Users Group (SRUG). If you have not had this latest SRUG email already, and want to join the SRUG mailing list, please
Dear SRUG member
Here is some more news about the campaign to save our direct rail services into central London.

Our latest flyers spell out the significance of the effect, on each of our local stations, of the continuing cuts. For example, from Peckham Rye the services are being cut in HALF:
* Last year there were 8 trains an hour from Peckham Rye to London Bridge, now there are 6. In 2012 there will be 4.
* Victoria services face new cuts. There are 4 an hour now. In 2012 there will be 2.
In our A5 flyer you can see the effect on each of the Southwark stations.

We need to get the message out to all who use our local stations. We have designed some A6 pocket size flyers that you can print out for your own local station. These are attached at the end:
* can you carry some with you in your pocket or bag, and give them out to fellow rail users at your local station whenever you travel?
* where better to find people interested in this, than in your own local station?

We will email later with news of more you can do to help spread the word to all local rail users.
In the meantime, don’t forget to
* sign the web petition
* join the Facebook group
* email the Rail Minister (Lord Adonis) & the Mayor,
Lord Adonis at:
Boris Johnson at:
cc local elected representatives see list here:
If you have any queries, do please email Southwark Rail Users’ Group

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