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time to get yr. comments in on the PNAAP

Do you have any burning issues about Peckham town centre or your neighbourhood in Peckham or Nunhead? If so this is your great chance to get your views in about them, and the Council has to listen and respond!
The formal date to submit comments on the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan) is Monday 25 May. But there is an extension, if you can’t meet that date. They will accept them later if, before 25 May, you email . Just let them know when you aim to get your comments to them.

COUNCIL DOCUMENTS for reference:
– Overview of the PNAAP and the process at:
– Download copy of Future Peckham, the Council’s report on the Issues & Options: . The report outlines the Issues & Options that the Council wants your comments on – are there any missing and what do you think of the options?

Central Rye Lane: – Some ideas about options for transforming the area around Peckham Rye station to the to the east and west of Rye Lane can be found here:

Traffic: – This is a big issue for residents and for the commercial future of the town centre. Important to spell out any particular problems you know about, and if you have any ideas on how they might be solved by changing the way traffic moves through and around the town centre.

You can write your responses on the questionnaire at and submit direct on the website, or download and send by email, or by post.
If the questions are too restrictive and you have other things to say, you can write comments on a separate page as long as you put **PNAAP consultation** and your name and address on it, and send it with the form with your various details completed.
If you don’t have time to deal with all the questions, look in the questionnaire for the topics and issues you have views on and at least get your views in on those to the Council.
It would be useful to have a cc of your comments including if you have already sent them in. Please email to Peckham Residents’ Network:

If you have any queries on the Council’s report, or the questionnaire, email Brenda at:
If you have any queries on how residents can approach the issues, email Eileen at:

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