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Monthly Archives: June 2009

30 June 6-9pm opening new sculpture park in multi-storey car park

Invitation from Hannah Barry Gallery
Please join us next Tuesday 30 June from 6pm to celebrate the opening of Bold Tendencies III, the new sculpture park we are opening on the top four floors of the Multi-Storey Car Park in Rye Lane, Peckham. The gallery will present 17 specially commissioned sculptures by new young artists.

The evening starts at the Car Park and will be followed by a party nearby at the gallery where James Balmforth’s exhibition THE MAKING OF ASHES is installed.
Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar, designed by Lettice Drake and Paloma Gormley, will open on the top floor of the car park with panoramic views of London from the O2 Arena past Big Ben and the London Eye to Crystal Palace. Frank’s will serve lunch, supper and drinks Thursday through Sunday.

Hope you will be able to come!

Bold Tendencies III and FRANK’S
Tuesday 30 June – Wednesday 30 September 2009
Level 7-10, Peckham Rye Multistory Car Park, 95A Rye Lane SE15
Entrance on foot from Rye Lane and by car from Cerise Road, parking available on level 6
Exhibition and Cafe opening hours: Thursday – Sunday 11am – 10pm

further information from:


Stop the Strip Clubs in New Cross

Peckham residents successfully resisted the opening of a lap dancing club on Peckham High Street. See the information below, from the New Cross campaign to Stop the Strip. Please pass this on to anyone you know who may not want strip clubs to spread and not on the doorstep of Peckham. Communities need to support each other against this encroachment.


The White Hart Pub is right at the heart of New Cross Gate in an NDC regeneration area. Is this the regeneration we want or need?
The aim of the STOP THE STRIP group is to see an end to the licensing of Lap Dancing clubs in the New Cross area. We believe in the rights of women working in the Lap Dancing industry, and related industries and for them to be treated with respect and dignity. Campaigning against the establishment of this Lap Dancing venue does not constitute an attack against the individual women working there. This is not an anti-sex campaign but rather a campaign by a range of local people who are concerned about the establishment of these clubs in residential areas. We believe our area, New Cross, deserves better. Women working in modelling and sex industries are often treated poorly and their rights often breached. As a group we believe all workers have the right to Unionise and seek support when they are being exploited. We would extend support to any and all women working in the venue.

STOP THE STRIP will work actively on three fronts:
1) Monitor the running and impact of the White Hart in terms of any breach of its licence and the potential growth in criminal activity and particularly crimes against women.
2) Alert local residents to the existence of the club.
3) Actively and vocally campaign against this exploitative establishment.
Evidence suggests that when venues were introduced in Camden, incidence of rape increased dramatically. The image of areas that play host to Lap Dancing venues is broadly negative: New Cross is already battling with negative images. There are many people in the area who feel strongly about this issue and we want to bring everyone together to make our voice heard collectively.



Tues 30 June 7.30pm Transition Town Peckham

Climate Change – Food Supply – Energy Supply
how can we in Peckham cope?
what new opportunities are there?
interested in these issues?
Come to an introductory meeting of
Transition Town Peckham
Tuesday 30th June at 7.30pm
The Peckham Settlement
Goldsmith Rd, SE15 5TF
Further information below and from
Dear Peckham/Nunhead [or nearby] resident
A small group of local people wanting to get together to take positive action around climate change, energy and food supply has been exploring the possibility of setting up a Transition Town initiative in Peckham. If you have not heard of a Transition Town and would like to find out more, here is an article that explains the basics:
You may also be interested to hear that Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Movement, has recently become an Observer’s Ethical Award winner. Here he is in a short film

There are already a number of successful environmental groups and activities in place in Peckham. But TTP is a little different, in that its structure allows for the development of a broad range of interest groups – eg food, energy, education, etc. This initial workshop will explain more about Transition thinking and find out local people’s views on taking these ideas further in Peckham. We can discuss what already exists and where there is a need for more action. We have been granted a free meeting slot at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th June 2009 at the Peckham Settlement,
Goldsmith Road, SE15 5TF. Further details on this and more on the Transition Town concept are also available on the Transition Town Peckham website.

MEETING 30 JUNE 7.30pm
We really hope you will be able to come along and share your views at the meeting on the 30th of June. We hope you will share our excitement in creating a new kind of urban Transition initiative in which Peckham residents of all backgrounds come together to lead the way as a community tackling the challenges of climate change, peak oil and global resource depletion.
Please RSVP Or call 07961 108 849 or 07749 657 665
We look forward to seeing you there!
The TTP Peckham team

Sun 28 June The Lives of Buildings – an Open House Weekend

walk Sunday 28 June
assemble 1.30pm
walk 2.00 pm
Open House walk Includes Bussey Building and Peckham Rye Station
Meet 133 Rye Lane, SE15
entrance opposite Blenheim Grove
Duration 1+1/2 hours
Led by Peter Frost.
The Peckham Society invites you to join a special Open House weekend walk on Sunday 28th June at 1.30pm in central Peckham.
This weekend, organised by Open House London and English Heritage, celebrates the richness and variety of London’s buildings. Discover how buildings live, grow, die and are reborn, what links exist between past and present in London’s architecture, why some buildings stand the test of time and how London will look in the future.
The centre of Peckham, around the Bussey building and Peckham Rye station, is a rich example of this story.
The Bussey building is a very expansive historic Victorian factory, now in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter. On the tour we will see examples of Victorian, Edwardian, and pre-war architecture, a view over the whole of Peckham and central London, the ultra modern Hannah Barry Art Gallery, the now listed Peckham Rye station, designed by Charles Henry Driver, and now with exciting renovation in the old waiting room. All these buildings are currently changing in some way, reflecting the movement from Peckham’s past to the future. We will discuss the economic and cultural potential of that central area, and the possibilities of sustaining and improving Peckham’s townscape. For your orientation on the walk, it is worth having a look beforehand at

Other useful background on this central Peckham area can be found at:
26 – 28 June 2009
Celebrating the renewal of London through its architecture. Brought to you by Open House in partnership with English Heritage, the Lives of Buildings is your chance to debate and discover how buildings live, grow, die and can be reborn for the future. This programme includes details of events and activities featuring in the Lives of Buildings programme (26 – 28 June) during the Story of London festival.

come to Denmark Hill Fri midday 26 June

message from SRUG – Southwark Rail Users’ Group
You are invited to a rally at Denmark Hill station this coming FRIDAY 26th JUNE at MIDDAY.
It is the official launch of the campaign to save the South London Line train services to London Bridge and Victoria.
The two local MPs Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell will be there leading the Rally.
Lots of media will be present, so do please come and give your support if you are around at that time. Come and get to know other fellow campaigners!

We hope it will gear up the campaign to the next level. Already there are over 1000 signatures on the petition. But we need thousands more. So we need you to spread the word to fellow rail users, and to carry the petition with you to get signatures.
See here for petition and flyers to print out to take with you on your travels…

A lot has been happening and we will do a round up of news soon. In the meantime we have successfully put pressure on TfL and they now say they will do a review of south London rail services in the next few months. That is just the start of getting this decision to cut services reversed.
See here for summary about the campaign

18 June meeting – Warwick Gardens gig for musicians, crafts and arts people

Message from Friends of Warwick Gardens:
THE WARWICK GARDENS MONSTER MUSIC GIG is happening in the last weekend of September 2009. The planning group are now looking for local acts who need a showcase for their talents. Any and all local (Peckham and nearby) musicians are invited to apply for the opportunity to perform live at this free event. We will provide a stage, mics and PA – you provide the talent!
We are also looking for local craftspeople and artists who have something interesting and original to sell and would like to book a stall at what promises to be a big day out for all ages. 
Come along to find out more at our next meeting at: 
South London Tabernacle Church Hall
Bushey Hill Road 
or email us at
This event is being organised by the Friends of Warwick Gardens with funding from the Capital Community Fund. If you would like to get involved in organising or helping to run the event – please come to our next meeting or get in touch with us!

16 June opening exhibition Hannah Barry Gallery

The latest exhibition from the now internationally famous Peckham’s own Hannah Barry Art Gallery opens this next Tuesday 16th June and runs to 5th July. It is in the warehouse next to the historic Bussey building in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter, entrance at 133 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN. See invitation below for details.

The Gallery has had a big impact at the Venice Bienalle: see links

Some quotes:

… for the past couple of years I’ve followed the progress of gallerist Hannah Barry and her stable of young artists from their base in Peckham to a recent West End show. And, blow me down, here they were in Venice, with a Peckham pavilion…

… there is an eclectic assortment of new minority groups to boot, ranging from Catalonia through the Principality of Monaco to Peckham in South London, which stands proudly apart from the rest of the British capital, setting up its own mini-empire in an empty shop… TimesOnLine

Venice, glorious city of Titian, Casanova and Vivaldi, has welcomed a new artistic powerhouse into the international fold at the Biennale this week… The Peckham Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is a whitewashed studio the size of a small newsagent’s shop. Although it is outside the official competition it is already attracting appreciative visits from some of the art world’s most influential tastemakers… TimesOnLine
Please join us at the gallery in Peckham on Tuesday 16 June from 6 – 9 pm to celebrate the opening of THE MAKING OF ASHES, James Balmforth’s exhibition of four sculptures.
Directions to the gallery can be found on and the exhibition will run until July 5. We hope you can join us.
Hannah Barry Gallery
Unit 9i
Copeland Industrial Park
133 Copeland Road
London SE15 3SN
Tel: +44 7850 639 570

18 June reception art exhibition in Bussey building

You are invited to a new art exhibition at the historic Bussey building
in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter, 133 Rye Lane, entrance opposite Blenheim Grove, SE15
Opening reception Thursday 18th June 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Amy Smyth will perform “Suite” at 8pm on the opening night.
Exhibition open 19th June – 24th June, 1pm – 6pm
Details below.
further information
phone: 07947819597 
Press Release 2nd June 2009
“Plagiarise” is an exhibition devised to question originality and newness within fine art.
It is a group show curated by peckham artists Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett
Open 19th June – 24th June, 1pm – 6pm.
Opening reception Thursday 18th June 6.30pm – 9.30pm.
As artists we are informed by art which has come before us; there is no such thing as an original idea. Artists translate and transcode information from one format to another, wandering in geography as well as in history.

Our globalised perception calls for new types of representation: our daily lives are played out against a more enormous backdrop than ever before. Artists traverse a cultural landscape saturated with signs, creating new pathways between multiple formats of expression and communication.

Participating artists are; 
Hannah Alton, Gill Bedson, Jenna Collins, Victoria Deero, Jo Dennis, Dido Hallett, James Alec Hardy, Tanya Kaprielian, Tom Leamon, Gareth Lloyd, Joanna McCormick, Lena Pomford, Richard Somerville, Charlotte Squire, Emma Thompson, Jacqueline Utley, Tisna Westerhof, Gary Whitworth
Amy Smyth will perform “Suite” at 8pm on the opening night.

1st Floor, Bussey Building, 
133 Rye Lane,
SE15 3SN
phone: 07947819597 

ethical fashion – vols. wanted for student research

Are you 60+ and interested in ethical products? If so, read on…
I’m a Peckham based MA student in Ethical Fashion at the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. I’m looking for volunteers for a focus group based research for my final project. I’m looking for about 6-8 participants, aged 60+.
The focus of the research is about finding out consumers’ perceptions and expectations of organic and fair trade products, particularly cotton. I’m keen to hear the view of the general public aged 60+ who have some interest in this subject area. The session will be about 1.5 hours and there will be group discussion on around 5 questions. I’m planning the session in Peckham at daytime either on the week commencing 15th or 23rd of June (this will depend on the availability of the participants). It will be quite informal and a relaxed discussion. Refreshment will be provided.
I’m more than happy to discuss any further detail. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact me by email 
Many thanks,

remember to vote Thursday 4 June

European election candidates: London

BBC Voting guide – All you need to know about Thursday’s elections