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Sun 28 June The Lives of Buildings – an Open House Weekend

walk Sunday 28 June
assemble 1.30pm
walk 2.00 pm
Open House walk Includes Bussey Building and Peckham Rye Station
Meet 133 Rye Lane, SE15
entrance opposite Blenheim Grove
Duration 1+1/2 hours
Led by Peter Frost.
The Peckham Society invites you to join a special Open House weekend walk on Sunday 28th June at 1.30pm in central Peckham.
This weekend, organised by Open House London and English Heritage, celebrates the richness and variety of London’s buildings. Discover how buildings live, grow, die and are reborn, what links exist between past and present in London’s architecture, why some buildings stand the test of time and how London will look in the future.
The centre of Peckham, around the Bussey building and Peckham Rye station, is a rich example of this story.
The Bussey building is a very expansive historic Victorian factory, now in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter. On the tour we will see examples of Victorian, Edwardian, and pre-war architecture, a view over the whole of Peckham and central London, the ultra modern Hannah Barry Art Gallery, the now listed Peckham Rye station, designed by Charles Henry Driver, and now with exciting renovation in the old waiting room. All these buildings are currently changing in some way, reflecting the movement from Peckham’s past to the future. We will discuss the economic and cultural potential of that central area, and the possibilities of sustaining and improving Peckham’s townscape. For your orientation on the walk, it is worth having a look beforehand at

Other useful background on this central Peckham area can be found at:
26 – 28 June 2009
Celebrating the renewal of London through its architecture. Brought to you by Open House in partnership with English Heritage, the Lives of Buildings is your chance to debate and discover how buildings live, grow, die and can be reborn for the future. This programme includes details of events and activities featuring in the Lives of Buildings programme (26 – 28 June) during the Story of London festival.


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