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Tues 30 June 7.30pm Transition Town Peckham

Climate Change – Food Supply – Energy Supply
how can we in Peckham cope?
what new opportunities are there?
interested in these issues?
Come to an introductory meeting of
Transition Town Peckham
Tuesday 30th June at 7.30pm
The Peckham Settlement
Goldsmith Rd, SE15 5TF
Further information below and from
Dear Peckham/Nunhead [or nearby] resident
A small group of local people wanting to get together to take positive action around climate change, energy and food supply has been exploring the possibility of setting up a Transition Town initiative in Peckham. If you have not heard of a Transition Town and would like to find out more, here is an article that explains the basics:
You may also be interested to hear that Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Movement, has recently become an Observer’s Ethical Award winner. Here he is in a short film

There are already a number of successful environmental groups and activities in place in Peckham. But TTP is a little different, in that its structure allows for the development of a broad range of interest groups – eg food, energy, education, etc. This initial workshop will explain more about Transition thinking and find out local people’s views on taking these ideas further in Peckham. We can discuss what already exists and where there is a need for more action. We have been granted a free meeting slot at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th June 2009 at the Peckham Settlement,
Goldsmith Road, SE15 5TF. Further details on this and more on the Transition Town concept are also available on the Transition Town Peckham website.

MEETING 30 JUNE 7.30pm
We really hope you will be able to come along and share your views at the meeting on the 30th of June. We hope you will share our excitement in creating a new kind of urban Transition initiative in which Peckham residents of all backgrounds come together to lead the way as a community tackling the challenges of climate change, peak oil and global resource depletion.
Please RSVP Or call 07961 108 849 or 07749 657 665
We look forward to seeing you there!
The TTP Peckham team

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