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Ethnic diversity and participation within green community initiatives

If you are involved in any green environmental community groups, you may be interested in responding to this research survey.
EMAIL FROM Annalisa Dorigo email:
This is a call out to all green community groups in Peckham. I am a MSc student at the LSE carrying out my final research project on ethnic diversity and participation within green community-led initiatives.
I would be very interested to hear from green community group members (regardless of how ethnically diverse their group may be), to help with a short email survey (max 10 minutes).
Please note that all respondents will remain anonymous.
On completion of my project and as a thank you, I am planning to organise evening drinks for all participating; this would be an opportunity for different groups to come together and find out about other activities in Southwark, and share best practice.
Please note that the deadline for my thesis is 27th August. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Please email me at:
Many thanks,


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