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Frank’s Cafe & Campari bar

The Hannah Barry Gallery recently wowed the Venice Bienniale with its Peckham Pavilion. Now they are wowing lots of visitors to the sculpture exhibition and Frank’s Cafe & Campari bar, on the roof of the multi storey car park.
A lot of these visitors come to Peckham from London Bridge and Victoria by overground rail. Their great discovery is how close Peckham is to central London. This shows the importance of the local campaign to publicise the importance of the direct rail services to London Bridge and Victoria, and stop the planned cuts.
See Peckham raises the roof and save our rail services for more information about the exhibition & Frank’s Cafe, and how to support the local rail services campaign.

The exhibition and Frank’s cafe is open every Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 10pm. It is really worth a visit. You can get to it via the lift right beside the entrance to the cinema on Rye Lane, up to the 6th floor and then walk up the levels through the sculpture exhibition to the top.

See the stunning pictures and reviews through the website: <>

See short video at:

The exhibition ends on 30 September. Make sure you don’t miss it! Take advantage of this superb weather at the moment and enjoy the whole thing.
If you care about the rail services, make sure you sign the petition and email the Rail Minister and the London Mayor, see here for the details:


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