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RLSAG Wed 28 October 6.15pm

Please see message below from the Rye Lane & Station Action Group (RLSAG). This is a key meeting for all interested in the future of the station and this part of the town centre.
There will be a meeting of the RLSAG on
5.45pm light buffet & displays
6.15pm – 8.30pm meeting

Please email to say if you can come, so we can get a view of numbers, and give you venue details.
Topics will be:
* reconstructing the station inside
* transforming the square in front and the area behind the station,
* how this fits in central Rye Lane, & the Council’s PNAAP (Peckham Area Action Plan).

Come and hear from Southern Rail’s architect the plans to rebuild the interior of the magnificent Peckham Rye station buildings, to make them accessible while preserving their historic beauty.
This is a really key meeting and we need a good number of local people to come to learn the latest and to take part in the discussion.
So if you are free, please put the date in your diary and let us know you can come.

For a reminder of some of the background visit:

Rye Lane & Station Action Group (RLSAG)


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