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latest news on the Save the South London Line Campaign

Message from Southwark Rail Users’ Group
The campaign continues on a number of levels. Visit to keep up to date.
Two key recent events reported below. Also don’t forget – if you use Denmark Hill Station – 8am Tuesday 1st December a media photo event. Come and support. see link on
1. On 4th November Southwark Council agreed a cross party motion supporting fully and comprehensively the campaign to Save the South London Line. See details here
2. Meeting with TfL on 24th November – News from the Save the South London Line Campaign (** see at end for campaign members)
Subject: TfL Recognises Need For Central London Links from South London Line stations
At a meeting on 24th November with stakeholder groups in South London, TfL recognised one of the main objectives of campaigners, the need to keep radial services to Central London for current South London Line stations. TfL has proposed a variety of short-listed options for keeping service to Victoria, including diverting the East London Line from Clapham Junction, introducing a Victoria-
Bellingham service and making current Victoria-Dartford services run all day, guaranteeing for Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye all day trains to Victoria. This is in contrast to TfL’s earlier assertions that SLL passengers should take ELLX to Clapham Junction and change for Victoria there.
However the Save South London Line Campaign is calling out for the Department for Transport to review all terminating services at London Bridge, based on impact and future demand. Network Rail has acknowledged that keeping the South London Line to London Bridge is possible but would require elaborate signalling or the removal of other services. The Campaign has argued that the cutting of SLL would be a rupture of links and hence impact disproportionately. Negotiations with the DfT over this will continue.

The Campaign group is also looking for a Lawyer with experience in Judicial Review proceedings. Anyone able to help?

** The SSLL Campaign is a consortium of elected representatives from all 4 main parties, plus the Southwark Rail Users’ Group, Clapham Transport Users Group, Lambeth Public Transport Group, Kings College Hospital, and SLAM (South London & Maudsley).


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