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TV documentary about Peckham?

A TV production company is researching an idea for a new TV documentary programme comparing city and country life. Peckham may or may not be the city area chosen. The researcher is looking for local people to talk to at this very preliminary stage about the idea. See the info below.
You can see more info about Love Productions the TV company, and their other programmes, at
Nastasia Malatesta, Researcher
* email   
* direct line: 020 7067 4841
Message from the TV Researcher, Nastasia Malatesta
The Idea:

Love Productions are currently developing a new documentary idea for a major broadcaster about inner-city London life. I would like to find out a bit more information about living in, and the people of, Peckham.
We are looking for 10 households from Peckham who would be prepared to take part in a lifestyle swap with 10 households from the countryside.
What we are looking for:
I would like to speak to interesting and out-going residents of Peckham that are:
* young and old
* living in different parts of Peckham  
* with and without children
And who have:
* Lived in cities all their lives, and would like to road test rural life
* Are convinced that city living is better than life in the country and want to prove it!
* Or who have any other opinions about the city lifestyle
We want to hear from you if this is something you’d like to find out more about! I am only in the very early research stages of this project, so there is no obligation for anyone who does get in touch to participate.
If you do have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me either
* Via email   
* On my direct line: 020 7067 4841
Nastasia Malatesta
Direct Line: +44 (0)20 7067 4841
Love Productions
43 Eagle Street,
London WC1R 4AT 
Tel: 020 70674820

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