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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hustngs Meeting Friday 30th April 8pm

On 6th May there are elections for Parliament and for the local Southwark Council. I have been asked to send out the information below to the PRN mailing list for a hustings meeting being held in The Lane ward on Friday 30 April.
There are other local hustings meetings but there does not appear to be an organised web collecting point for information on these. Maybe in the next elections that might emerge. In the meantime here at least is information on one local hustings which might be of interest to many people on the Peckham Residents Network mailing list. This is a very useful opportunity to engage in the democratic process. Hope to see lots there!
Following discussions between all the political parties standing candidates in The Lane ward, there will be a cross-political party hustings. Not all those parties and candidates who were contacted were able to send representatives at short notice, nor was it possible to compile a list of email addresses this time.

Time: 8pm
Venue: South London Baptist Tabernacle, Bushey Hill Road, SE5 8QF
Chair: Peter Frost, chair of the Peckham Society

The format will be: 3 minutes candidate statement from each speaker, followed by questions from the audience.

Speakers in alphabetical order:
Columba Blango [Liberal Democrats],
Tom Chance [Green Party],
Mark Glover [Labour Party].

The full list of candidates are:

THE LANE WARD, Southwark CouncilChan, Gerald – Conservative Party
Chance, Tom – Green Party
Dolezal, Nick – Labour Party
Foreman, Rebecca – Conservative Party
Freeman, Lorna – Liberal Democrat
Glover, Julie – Liberal Democrat
Glover, Mark – Labour Party
Macleod, Alan – Conservative Party
Phillips, Jon – Liberal Democrat
Plodowski, Anna – Green Party
Rhoden, Keadean – Labour Party
Ven der Stoep, Remco – Green Party

BLANGO, Columba Michael Joe – Liberal Democrats
FRANCIS, Decima Shamona – Independent
HARMAN, Harriet – The Labour Party Candidate
JONES, Jenny – Green Party
KNOX, Patricia Lineve
MOUNTFORD, Jill – Alliance for Workers` Liberty
OGUNLEYE, Joshua – Workers` Revolutionary Party
ROBBINS, Steven – Independent
ROBBY MUNILLA, Yohara – English Democrats Putting England first
SHARKEY, Margaret Mary – Socialist Labour Party (Leader Arthur Scargill)
STRANACK, Andy – The Conservative Party Candidate


Mon 19 April 7.30pm local bees & organic gardening

Calling all amateur gardeners who want to grow food organically:
MONDAY 19th APRIL at 7.30pm
Herne Tavern
2, Forest Hill Road, SE22
* a talk by a local beekeeper, and discussion of local bees!
* discussion about the future of the group.
So if you want to meet and share with other local organic gardeners this is a good chance to do so.

Arranged by South London Garden Organic, an off shoot of the organisation Garden Organic (aka Henry Doubleday Association)
Further information contact:

green fair Peckham Sat 17 April 2pm in AREA10 – Saving Energy, Saving Money

See invitation from Peckham Power below.
Further information from
Peckham Power are holding a green fair this
from 2pm to 6pm

in AREA10, a warehouse building just behind Peckham Library.
Entrance is to the left of the Library, and back a bit: look for
white letters “AREA10” on a black background on the building.
Refreshments by The Frog on the Green.

The theme is ‘Saving Energy, Saving Money’. The event is supported by the Energy Saving Trust.
Lots of practical hands-on demonstrations and advice, including:
* Window insulation
* Loft insulation
* Peckham Power’s power meter project
* Energy doll’s house for hands-on energy saving things to do at home
* Planting how to make free containers to plant your veg in
* Dr Bike
* Diving simulator
* Snakes and ladders energy game
* Energy help-desk and grants

More information and a venue map:
Or email
Peckham Power looking forward to seeing you there.
Come and network with like minded energy savers in Peckham!

wellbeing & health & The Peckham Experiment

Have you heard of the Peckham Experiment? Do you have an interest in ideas about well-being and health, or about local economic, community and environmental sustainability, and the connections between the two? If so, and you are free on 22nd April during the afternoon, you may be interested in a seminar which offers a possibly unrepeatable opportunity for a quality free seminar on this topic, and in Peckham.
See below for some further information. You can also see more about the Peckham Experiment at
Attendance at the seminar is free but places are limited. So if you are interested please let me know asap, and I can tell you more and give the booking details. email:
The Peckham Experiment
This was a pioneering exploration into the nature of health, which ran in Peckham, south London from 1926 until 1950. Families came together in a purpose-built centre, the Pioneer Health Centre where they had opportunities to take up new interests and learn about health. The Experiment’s founders, Dr George Scott Williamson and Dr Innes Pearse, believed that health was much more than the mere absence of disease. Instead, they saw health as something that is co-created by people through their relationships with each other and with their environment.
The building
The building which housed the experiment was specially designed and built for it in St Mary’s Road, near Queen’s Road station. The building is still there, and listed, though it is converted into housing. Pioneering work was carried out there, demonstrating what health and well being is really about. People, who have been inspired for decades by the project and what it confirmed, come from all over the globe to visit the building to connect with these ideas that we still need to get into wider understanding. It is a tremendous asset for Peckham and this seminar is a good opportunity to help to increase local understanding of it.
The Seminar
The aim of this afternoon seminar is to bring together local community groups, local public agencies and others interested in the Pioneer Health Centre, to discuss the relevance of the Peckham Experiment to local environment and wellbeing projects. It will provide participants with an opportunity to share ideas and to consider what principles might define a new Peckham Experiment in the twenty first century.
The seminar will feature speakers and presentations from a variety of organisations. A sandwich lunch will be provided on arrival from 12.30pm and the seminar will also show video material from last year’s exciting Peckham Experiment art exhibition, as well as original archive material.