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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Peckham and Nunhead free film festivals

New website is launched for the Free Film Festivals in Nunhead and Peckham in September. See and more information below.
Peckham and Nunhead free film festivals

‘Free Films Festivals’ is a community group formed in 2010 to promote free film screenings in neighbourhood venues.
This September we’re launching our first two free film festivals with a great series of films and film-making workshops across London SE15 – all free. For more information and developing film programmes see:
There will be free outdoor films on Peckham Rye, Nunhead Cemetery and the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Peckham. Plus great films at a host of other venues in SE15 and free film-making workshops too.
Details of all the screenings are still being finalised so all films and venues and subject to changes at this stage.

The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to our e-mailing list: Your details will not be given to anyone else or used for any other purposes.

Why not start off by voting for the film you want to see at the Nunhead Cemetery screening on Friday 10 September. Just use the buttons on the home page to select from the three films.

And if you’d like to organise a screening as part of the festival (or even organise your own free film festival elsewhere in the country) we’d love to hear from you.

Further information


email from Burgess Park Action Group – 31 July deadline for further comments

As mentioned in the earlier email with the Council’s letter, here below is the email from the Burgess Park Action Group.
Further information from: Burgess Park Action Group:

Dear Southwark Resident
Many thanks to those of you who have helped in so many ways over recent weeks. Following very wide community objections to various aspects of the LDA masterplan produced for Burgess Park 6 weeks ago, the council has modestly revised the plans, dropping some of the proposals.

The revised proposals are on the council’s website and the deadline for responses to this new proposal is this Friday, 30th July. The email address is

BPAG has drafted a letter that you might like to base your responses on, following consultation on our Facebook Page. Please feel free to adapt or personalise as you see fit. The text is below. If you could get an email in, we would be very grateful.

Many thanks
Donnachadh McCarthy
Burgess Park Action Group
To: Southwark Council’s Burgess Park Project Board

Dear Des Waters
Re: Consultation on latest proposals for Burgess Park

Thank you for re-opening the consultation period for the proposals for Burgess Park and agreeing already to some modifications following concerns expressed by many local resident and amenity groups.

I would like to express my support for the following:
1/ Improving the Walworth Road entrance but would ask that you do not remove the healthy mature trees in this area.
2/ Proposed removal of derelict roads at New Church Road, Neate Street, Calmington and Longcroft etc
3/ Abandoning the £1 million plan to rip up the canal avenue and move it 3 meters to the north and to save the 180 cherry trees.
4/ The decision not to bulldoze the landscaped area to the north of the Wells Way Library.
5/ The decision not to destroy the western one of the two wooded hills at the western end of the lake.
6/ The decision to preserve the central wildflower meadow following your decision to locate the BMX track elsewhere.
7/ The decision to preserve all of the woodland clumps along St Georges Way.
8/ The decision not to proceed with the massive and expensive expansion of the lake to bisect the park to the south.
9/ The expansion the New Church Road wildlife area.
10/ Planting of new trees
11/ The use of a borehole to use aquifer water to fill the lake rather than tap-water as at present.
12/ The repair of the current lake and installation of nesting islands.

Things I Would NOT like to see in final master plan or Phase 1
1/ I do not want to see you bulldoze a new wide path along a straight line from Old Kent Road to St George’s Church through lake and destroying two wooded wildlife areas. I see nothing wrong with the lovely meandering path there currently and fail to see the purpose of spending £200,000 on this pointless proposal.
2/ Oppose completely the proposal to bulldoze all of the existing Old Kent Road entrance and would prefer to instead to see some limited modest refurbishment.
3/ I do not want to see the central playground bulldozed on Wells Way and started from scratch on Albany Road. Please instead refurbish the current playground.
4/ I do not support the bulldozing of the beautiful glade opposite Bath House and the hill adjacent to it.
5/ I do not support your proposal to bulldoze entire mound from Bath House to Lime Kiln to Albany Road, including the woodland and cycle track.
6/ Please do not bulldoze the cycle track.
7/ I do not want the creation of 100,000 (down from 120,000), 60,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 5,000 events areas, now totalling 200,000 instead of 220,000 for largest events, as detailed in the events map in the master-plan.
8/ I would like to see the protection of a pathway from Southampton Way to Portland Street.
9/ I do not want to see removal of between 200- 600 existing trees.
10/ I do not want to see destruction of 3 existing woodland areas (the one adjacent to the cycle track mound, by western border of the lake and by the 3 meter path through the bird nesting lake by the northern lake boundary).

In addition to the above I would like to see the following positive things added to project:
1/ Please refurbish the major play area on Wells Way rather than bulldoze it
2/ Add at least a thousand new trees and improve and expand wildlife areas and links between wildlife areas of the park
3/ Complete the integration of the cleared MOL sites along New Church Road into the park.
4/ install proper entrance at Southampton Way which is a very well used but ignored entrance to the park.
5/ Provide funding to make the park an Eco-park i.e. energy efficiency, renewable heat, renewable electricity, on-site composting, recycling, elimination of pesticide use, rainwater-harvesting, borehole etc
6/ Use the money proposed to be wasted on bulldozing of hills and woodlands and OKR entrance on prioritising in Phase 1, the installation of satellite play for various communities around the park

I look forward to seeing your latest plans further improved and hope the council will continue to work to repair and improve the existing park, rather than as in the original LDA masterplan bulldoze so much of the park and starting again.

Yours sincerely,
A. R. Resident

Burgess Park – latest news from Council – 31 July deadline for comments

I have been asked by the Council to send you the latest news from them on how they have responded to recent concerns about Burgess Park, and which I circulated earlier through this email list. They point out that they can continue to receive comments on the latest developments until 31st July.
So it seems reasonable and sensible to send this latest information. I have also been asked by the Burgess Park Action Group to circulate further information from them which I will do in a separate email.

I try hard to avoid overburdening this email list and so apologise for such a lot of information in a short space of time on one topic. But once this flow started it seemed right to complete it.

EC – distributor and manager for the PRN informal voluntary email list
From: Miller, Ruth
Cc: Waters, Des; Towers, Rebecca
Sent: Wed Jul 21 17:10:21 2010
Subject: Sent of behalf of Councillor Hargrove regarding Burgess Park


Dear Resident

Throughout July we’ve been gathering further views on the latest proposals for Burgess Park, and incorporating them with the extensive consultation we’ve been doing over the last 16 months (more than 25 events and over one thousand responses in various forms). Some proposals have been supported, but there are others you are unhappy with, and we have listened to you.

Public meeting on 20 July
At a public meeting on 20 July the council set out what it had heard from this consultation and the possible changes to address these, in the first part of the £4.5m project.

The meeting was well attended, with lively debate and strong views. A great many of the people there were supportive of the revisions, many saying they were happy with how the council has listened, and the changes we’ve incorporated. These are set out below.

I also provided, and repeated, my complete reassurance that there is no proposed amphitheatre at all in the plans for the park.

Proposals outlined at the meeting
We think there is general agreement on converting redundant roads to park, improving entrances and boundaries , improving accessibility and footpaths, planting new gardens at St. George’s Way, introducing a play area for older children, and installing new signage, seating, litter bins, and new railings and so we propose these should go ahead.

However, there were mixed opinions on areas such as biodiversity and sports provision, location of play and adventure areas, when to improve the lake, and whether to do the canal, and as a result we have made some changes.

We will now not be removing the trees along Canal Walk, St George’s Way and Cobourg Road, we will not be reinstating the canal, we will not be filling in the underpass and we will not be expanding the sport hub, among others.

For a full list of the elements that we propose to keep, and changes we propose to make, in the plans, click on this web page:

Extra Funding
The council will also continue to seek more funding for more improvements, which will be carried out alongside the revitalization project work. These works are food growing areas near the Surrey Canal Walk, outdoor gyms and local play areas and a national standard BMX track.

Consultation opportunities
Don’t forget, you still have a chance to give us your thoughts, and we’d welcome your feedback not only on the plans, but on these recent proposed changes we’ve made. You have until July 31 to give us your views on the above, as well as the opportunity to give your views when the planning application of the project is submitted, later in the year.

I’m passionate about making sure we make the most of this opportunity – chances like this come around only once in a generation, and I’m determined to see that we make the most of it. With your help we can make sure this project is a success, and we can make the park something that the whole borough can be proud of. I’m grateful for the time and energy that everyone has shown in getting involved in this project, and I look forward to seeing the huge improvements these changes will bring to Burgess Park.

Councillor Barrie Hargrove, cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling at Southwark Council.

Further information from:
Ruth Miller
Burgess Park Project Manager
Southwark Council
Environment & Housing Dept
Public Realm Division
PO Box 64529
London SE1 5LX
07967 662 495

Sat 31 July Peckham Power event

Peckham Power invites you to its next meeting:
Saturday 31 July
at Bellenden Old School
, 165 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15 4DG
All are welcome.
From 1.00pm bring and share light refreshments
2.00pm meeting with two topics

Further details below. For further information:
email, or
phone and leave a message on 020 7617 7650.
Peckham Power is a local, community-led energy infrastructure project, with the aim of helping people to use and generate energy sustainably, whatever their income.
The Peckham Power members’ event on Saturday 31 July will be at Bellenden Old School, 165 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15 4DG, between 1-5pm  All are welcome.
1.00pm bring and share light refreshments
2.00pm meeting with two topics:

practical presentation and answer and question session on domestic loft insulation from Peckham Power trustee Jack Kelly, and local architect Clyde Watson who has many years’ experience of working with housing associations and on other properties.
discussion of what you want from Peckham Power and Peckham Power’s future irections. For instance, what are the energy needs you have right now that you want help with?

If you have ideas for what you’d like to see Peckham Power doing but can’t get to the meeting, please send them to us either
email, or
phone and leave a message on 020 7617 7650.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 31 July,
Best wishes,
Jack, Gordon, Anna, Clyde and Lesley
part of the Peckham Power team

Bellenden Road Nature Garden opening 1st August

The Centre for Wildlife Gardening invites you to the official opening of the Bellenden Rd Nature Garden, opposite Highshore Rd school, at the Peckham High Street end of Bellenden Road.
On Sunday 1st August between 11am – 3pm
ribbon cutting at 11am by Cllr Mark Glover .

The Bellenden Road Nature Garden is a peaceful haven promoting wildlife gardening in an urban setting and will provide an opportunity for nature study by local children

All invited to celebrate the opening of the garden and participate in activities for all the family including:
Minibeast hotel making
Planting activities
Face painting
Cake and refreshments
London Wildlife Trust has been creating a small urban community wildlife garden in Peckham. The Bellenden Road Nature Garden has been developed on the site of a former tree nursery and has recently undergone extensive re- landscaping with the aid of a grant from Southwark Council’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer fund.
The Nature Garden opens on 1st August and will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable wildlife gardening practices to the wider public and provide an opportunity for nature study by local schools.
The garden has a variety of mini- habitats including native broadleaf hedgerow with emergent trees, mature broadleaf trees, Stag Beetle loggery, and wildflower borders. Features include a grassy central social mound with sleeper benches, wheelchair accessible path, raised flower beds, standing tree trunk sculpture, minibeast village and pergola for climbing plants.
The Bellenden Road Nature Garden has been established for education and amenity purposes for local schools, community groups, and for residents and workers to use and enjoy. The site is situated opposite Highshore School, a special secondary school for children of mixed needs.
Throughout the planning and development stages of the garden the London Wildlife Trust worked in consultation with students from Highshore School to generate ideas for the main features of the garden.
The garden will be open to the general public and accessible to all. Its appeal is as a relaxing and peaceful haven in the midst of a busy and built up area, where members of the community can undertake quiet recreation and environmental studies. Local schools, residents and volunteers will be involved in further development of the garden.

Further information from:
Ashley White
Conservation Projects Officer Southwark
Centre for Wildlife Gardening
28 Marsden Road
London, SE15 4EE
Tel: 020 7252 9186

Do one thing to create a wildlife and climate friendly garden
Make your pledge at
London WildlifeTrust – Protecting London’s wildlife for the future.

The London Wildlife Trust is part of a network of 47 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK, working under the umbrella of The Wildlife Trusts Partnership, the UK’s leading conservation charity dedicated to wildlife protection.

29 July film: brave & visionary women who demanded peace for Liberia

See below an invitation to a community event for everyone of any faith and none to a screening of an award-winning documentary on
Thursday, July 29th from 7pm-9pm
All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove, Se15.

More information below about the screening, and about the film at
Women for Women International
In association with
All Saints Church, Peckham
Presents a special screening of

You’re Invited!
29th July from 7pm-9pm at All Saints Church, Peckham
Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London SE15 4QS

Gini Reticker o USA 2008 o 1h12m o DVD o 15

Join us on Thursday, July 29th from 7pm-9pm at All Saints Church, Peckham for a screening of the award-winning documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell followed by Q & A and discussion.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell is the gripping account of a movement of brave and visionary women who demanded peace for Liberia, a nation torn to shreds by a decades-old civil war.
Click here to watch the trailer.

For more Info contact:
T: 020 7922 7765 M: 077 8885 3677

23-25 July Blenheim Grove Open Studios

Invitation below from the artists and creative enterprises under the Arches in Blenheim Grove, SE15 – another cluster of creative enterprises in Peckham town centre. See Http:// and click on ‘vibrant artists communities’

Summer Open Studios in Peckham

Before you rush away on your vacations come along to see a curiosity of new works by the artists, ceramicists, sculptors, jewellers and makers at the Arches, Blenheim Grove.
Loraine Rutt, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Debbie Randall, Roy Middleton, Georgina Corrie, Jane Muir, Cathy Hart, Carolyn Tripp, Eunice de Pascale, Catherine McLeod, Sam Hills and others, open their studios to the public over the first weekend of the summer holidays.

PV Friday 23 July – 6pm to 9pm
Open Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July – 12 to 6pm

Arch 191 Blenheim Court
48-50 Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QL
(tucked away in the arches under Peckham Rye Station,the other end of Blenheim Grove from Bar Story)
more information from:
40c Grove Park
London SE5 8LG
Mobile  +44(0)79 4978 5118

Area10 Arts Space in Peckham Urgently Needs Your Support

The big historic warehouse Eagle Wharf, behind Peckham Library, used to be the home of Whittens Timber and was at the end of the canal that came all the way to the heart of Peckham, until 1972. The warehouse is now the home of Area 10 Arts Space, which has played a key role in developing creative enterprises in Peckham. The Council propose to sell the building for commercial development. A strong campaign to seek a change in the Council’s plans is now under way. See below for details and here to sign the petition.
Further information from:
Dimitri Launder email.
Lina Jungergård email.
Area10 Arts Space in Peckham Urgently Needs Your Support

Area10 is calling out for support to help save and develop Peckham’s largest arts and performance space. Area10 and its associated artists have been in the warehouse space behind Peckham Library for the past eight years, and have developed it into one of the most exciting arts spaces in London. Along with studio and rehearsal space for artists, they host and organise a wide variety of international art exhibitions, workshops, performances, an audio-visual lab, and other collaborative events.

Area10 has recently been informed by the Council that they do not intend to renew the lease beyond the 15th July. Its artists have been given just two weeks to find and secure new premises, transport all artworks, and terminate all events in Peckham. The venue is much loved by local people, and has helped over 4,000 artists, local organisations and community groups. It has brought audiences in excess of 35,000 to Peckham, boosting local businesses and helping to make Peckham a vibrant and creative area.

The organisation has been fund-raising for repairs and improvements to the building, which would help transform it into a world-class arts space, and was aiming to work closely in consultation with local residents to achieve this ambition. However, the Council has indicated that financial pressures may mean it has to sell the building to private developers for demolition and redevelopment.

Termination of the lease will mean all future workshops, events and exhibitions will need to be cancelled, including partnerships with Battersea Arts Centre, the Thames Festival, Edinburgh Festival, London Design Week, Jeunes Talents du Cirque and the Wallis Gallery, . The organisation has helped bring significant investment into the local area through grants, arts funding, visitors and in-kind support, and this investment will also cease. So too will its education partnerships with The Royal College, Goldsmiths, University of the Arts, Camberwell College, London College of
Communication, Wimbledon, Central St.Martins, and the educational opportunities it gives to many young and unemployed people in the area.

Do you think Peckham should have its own inspirational arts space, instead of having the building replaced with high rise flats or another supermarket?

If so, please sign our Call for Support at  and add your comments – whether you have enjoyed events at Area10, participated in workshops, or just want to see Peckham retain this exciting and vibrant arts space.

It would also help us if you have time to write to your local Councillors and MPs giving your support for saving Area10, and asking the Council to work with the organisation to develop it into a long term arts and performance space that Peckham can be proud of:,,,,,,

To see the kind of activities Area 10 hosts and supports, click the gallery at the bottom of the website –

Press Contacts
Dimitri Launder
mob.  079 7356 8357

Lina Jungergård
mob. 079 4647 6257

Burgess Park developments

Further to the news about local concerns on the plans to develop Burgess Park, the council is holding some consultation and drop-in events. These are:

* 8 July – walkabout and workshops, 6pm, Burgess Park sports club
* 10 and 11 July – walkabout and workshops, 10am to 4pm, Chumleigh Gardens
* 20 July – public consultation event, 5pm to 7pm, Thurlow Lodge, 1 Thurlow St, London, SE17 2US
* 31 July – consultation feedback drop in session, 10am to 4pm, Chumleigh Gardens
* You can also drop in to the Chumleigh Gardens café to see the plans for the park and leave your comments in the comment book there, or email

You can read more:
* about the plans at
* at scroll to the end of that page and click on:
* Response to Burgess Park Action Group consultation
* Frequently asked questions
The full letter from the Council is below.
You may have heard recently in the local press and on television about plans for the redevelopment of Burgess Park. The council would like to take this opportunity to tell you directly about the next steps involved in unlocking the potential of the borough’s largest green space.

For too long Burgess Park has been ‘unfinished’ and in the past improvements have been piecemeal and without a coherent vision. In December 2008, members of the public shared their ideas on how to improve Burgess Park through consultation and a Facebook campaign and helped support our bid to the GLA for money to invest in the park. In March 2009 it was announced that Burgess Park had won £2m from the Mayor of London, and it received a further £4m in match funding from the Aylesbury New Deal for Communities.

Since then Southwark Council’s parks team has been busily working to turn the £6m into visible improvements to one of London’s most deserving open spaces, extensively consulting with community groups and partners. Between May and October 2009 we ran a design competition for the park, and members of the public were invited to meet the two shortlisted designers, see their plans and ask questions. Based on residents’ feedback, LDA Design was awarded the contract. In March the designs were sent out for public comment. The proposals you see now have been shaped by those comments and suggestions – there have been over 20 events, meetings and workshops since last December involving over 600 local people, plus a dedicated Facebook group.

We believe the development is an amazing opportunity to realise the full potential of Burgess Park. The plans to date propose: An increase in the amount of green space in the park for residents to enjoy The creation of new children’s play facilities
A new café in Chumleigh Gardens Improvements to the lake and sports facilities
A safer park – improved entrances, redundant roads removed and a new path network created A park with richer and more diverse habitats, supporting existing biodiversity and helping new wildlife flourish

We are considering the environment at every stage of the project. Any trees, shrubs and lighting that are removed will be replaced elsewhere and land moved will be used to create new features elsewhere in the park.

The latest plan is not set in stone – there is still time for you to have your say on the future of the park, before any plans are finalised. We will also be providing you with a range of options for the phase one works, as well as the costs for each option. This will allow you to see the choices available. Throughout July we will be holding events where you can drop in and talk to someone about the plans: 8 July – walkabout and workshops, 6pm, Burgess Park sports club 10 and 11 July – walkabout and workshops, 10am to 4pm, Chumleigh Gardens 20 July – public consultation event,
5pm to 7pm, Thurlow Lodge, 1 Thurlow St, London, SE17 2US 31 July – consultation feedback drop in session, 10am to 4pm, Chumleigh Gardens. You can also drop in to the Chumleigh Gardens café to see the plans for the park and leave your comments in the comment book there, or email

You can read more about our plans to transform the park at
We have included a set of ‘frequently asked questions’ at And the council’s response to a set of comments from Burgess Park Action Group is also available at

We are aware that the park plays an important role in residents’ lives. This plan may not reflect everyone’s personal view but we are committed to including as many ideas and suggestions as we can, in order to meet the majority’s needs. Your views are valuable in finding the best plan.

I’d like to thank you for your input and your future involvement during the consultation, in what is an extremely exciting scheme and one that will release the full potential of one of London’s most important parks.

Councillor Barrie Hargrove
Cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling Southwark Council.

Sun 18 July The Big Lunch in a street near you!

Hi – this is relevant for you wherever you live

The Big Lunch is happening again for the second year – on SUNDAY 18th July. It is a national one- day get together with your neighbours. It can be anything from a simple lunch to a full-blown street party with DJs and lots of food and drink.

More information from: You just have to type in your own postcode, and it will show you where the nearest Big Lunch parties are to you.

The first year, in 2009, there was just one in the Bellenden area, in Bellenden Road. This year there are several more see here for the latest list: See here for some pictures and reports from last year:

There are also Big Lunches in other parts of Peckham, Nunhead, East Dulwich and Camberwell, and elsewhere in Southwark. If you work here but live somewhere else there will no doubt be some near you!

To find out more, to make contact or to sign up with any in your own area go to: and type in your postcode, and follow the links to send a message to the organiser.

And you can also just turn up, preferably with something to add to the party! They are great fun, and a fantastic revival of the street party.