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Area10 Arts Space in Peckham Urgently Needs Your Support

The big historic warehouse Eagle Wharf, behind Peckham Library, used to be the home of Whittens Timber and was at the end of the canal that came all the way to the heart of Peckham, until 1972. The warehouse is now the home of Area 10 Arts Space, which has played a key role in developing creative enterprises in Peckham. The Council propose to sell the building for commercial development. A strong campaign to seek a change in the Council’s plans is now under way. See below for details and here to sign the petition.
Further information from:
Dimitri Launder email.
Lina Jungergård email.
Area10 Arts Space in Peckham Urgently Needs Your Support

Area10 is calling out for support to help save and develop Peckham’s largest arts and performance space. Area10 and its associated artists have been in the warehouse space behind Peckham Library for the past eight years, and have developed it into one of the most exciting arts spaces in London. Along with studio and rehearsal space for artists, they host and organise a wide variety of international art exhibitions, workshops, performances, an audio-visual lab, and other collaborative events.

Area10 has recently been informed by the Council that they do not intend to renew the lease beyond the 15th July. Its artists have been given just two weeks to find and secure new premises, transport all artworks, and terminate all events in Peckham. The venue is much loved by local people, and has helped over 4,000 artists, local organisations and community groups. It has brought audiences in excess of 35,000 to Peckham, boosting local businesses and helping to make Peckham a vibrant and creative area.

The organisation has been fund-raising for repairs and improvements to the building, which would help transform it into a world-class arts space, and was aiming to work closely in consultation with local residents to achieve this ambition. However, the Council has indicated that financial pressures may mean it has to sell the building to private developers for demolition and redevelopment.

Termination of the lease will mean all future workshops, events and exhibitions will need to be cancelled, including partnerships with Battersea Arts Centre, the Thames Festival, Edinburgh Festival, London Design Week, Jeunes Talents du Cirque and the Wallis Gallery, . The organisation has helped bring significant investment into the local area through grants, arts funding, visitors and in-kind support, and this investment will also cease. So too will its education partnerships with The Royal College, Goldsmiths, University of the Arts, Camberwell College, London College of
Communication, Wimbledon, Central St.Martins, and the educational opportunities it gives to many young and unemployed people in the area.

Do you think Peckham should have its own inspirational arts space, instead of having the building replaced with high rise flats or another supermarket?

If so, please sign our Call for Support at  and add your comments – whether you have enjoyed events at Area10, participated in workshops, or just want to see Peckham retain this exciting and vibrant arts space.

It would also help us if you have time to write to your local Councillors and MPs giving your support for saving Area10, and asking the Council to work with the organisation to develop it into a long term arts and performance space that Peckham can be proud of:,,,,,,

To see the kind of activities Area 10 hosts and supports, click the gallery at the bottom of the website –

Press Contacts
Dimitri Launder
mob.  079 7356 8357

Lina Jungergård
mob. 079 4647 6257


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