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Burgess Park – latest news from Council – 31 July deadline for comments

I have been asked by the Council to send you the latest news from them on how they have responded to recent concerns about Burgess Park, and which I circulated earlier through this email list. They point out that they can continue to receive comments on the latest developments until 31st July.
So it seems reasonable and sensible to send this latest information. I have also been asked by the Burgess Park Action Group to circulate further information from them which I will do in a separate email.

I try hard to avoid overburdening this email list and so apologise for such a lot of information in a short space of time on one topic. But once this flow started it seemed right to complete it.

EC – distributor and manager for the PRN informal voluntary email list
From: Miller, Ruth
Cc: Waters, Des; Towers, Rebecca
Sent: Wed Jul 21 17:10:21 2010
Subject: Sent of behalf of Councillor Hargrove regarding Burgess Park


Dear Resident

Throughout July we’ve been gathering further views on the latest proposals for Burgess Park, and incorporating them with the extensive consultation we’ve been doing over the last 16 months (more than 25 events and over one thousand responses in various forms). Some proposals have been supported, but there are others you are unhappy with, and we have listened to you.

Public meeting on 20 July
At a public meeting on 20 July the council set out what it had heard from this consultation and the possible changes to address these, in the first part of the £4.5m project.

The meeting was well attended, with lively debate and strong views. A great many of the people there were supportive of the revisions, many saying they were happy with how the council has listened, and the changes we’ve incorporated. These are set out below.

I also provided, and repeated, my complete reassurance that there is no proposed amphitheatre at all in the plans for the park.

Proposals outlined at the meeting
We think there is general agreement on converting redundant roads to park, improving entrances and boundaries , improving accessibility and footpaths, planting new gardens at St. George’s Way, introducing a play area for older children, and installing new signage, seating, litter bins, and new railings and so we propose these should go ahead.

However, there were mixed opinions on areas such as biodiversity and sports provision, location of play and adventure areas, when to improve the lake, and whether to do the canal, and as a result we have made some changes.

We will now not be removing the trees along Canal Walk, St George’s Way and Cobourg Road, we will not be reinstating the canal, we will not be filling in the underpass and we will not be expanding the sport hub, among others.

For a full list of the elements that we propose to keep, and changes we propose to make, in the plans, click on this web page:

Extra Funding
The council will also continue to seek more funding for more improvements, which will be carried out alongside the revitalization project work. These works are food growing areas near the Surrey Canal Walk, outdoor gyms and local play areas and a national standard BMX track.

Consultation opportunities
Don’t forget, you still have a chance to give us your thoughts, and we’d welcome your feedback not only on the plans, but on these recent proposed changes we’ve made. You have until July 31 to give us your views on the above, as well as the opportunity to give your views when the planning application of the project is submitted, later in the year.

I’m passionate about making sure we make the most of this opportunity – chances like this come around only once in a generation, and I’m determined to see that we make the most of it. With your help we can make sure this project is a success, and we can make the park something that the whole borough can be proud of. I’m grateful for the time and energy that everyone has shown in getting involved in this project, and I look forward to seeing the huge improvements these changes will bring to Burgess Park.

Councillor Barrie Hargrove, cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling at Southwark Council.

Further information from:
Ruth Miller
Burgess Park Project Manager
Southwark Council
Environment & Housing Dept
Public Realm Division
PO Box 64529
London SE1 5LX
07967 662 495

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