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Memories campaign for the re-opening of Dulwich Leisure Centre Sept 2010

Have you ever used the Dulwich Baths in East Dulwich Road, opposite Goose Green? It was opened in 1891 so there will be people living in Peckham and nearby, or known to people living here, who have used it during the many years in the last century. If you have elderly neighbours do ask them if they have any memories of it. It is reopening, fully refurbished for this next century, in September. People with memories and stories of the pool are invited to speak to Julie Vindis asap.
See information below.
Her contact details are:
phone: 07973 753014
In the run up to the re-opening of the Dulwich Leisure Centre in September I am putting together a ‘Memories’ campaign.

I am very keen to speak with anyone that has memories of using the Dulwich Baths since it opened on 25 June 1891.  For example:
a) Celebrations held at the baths – weddings, christenings or historical announcements
b) War time use of the baths
c) Use of the first and second class pools and washing facilities
c) Olympic training/ Guinness Book of Record attempts, swimming galas or something else perhaps covered by the media of its time?
I would be delighted to speak with people if they believe they are the longest user of the swimming baths, or have used it for a quirky reason other than swimming!

The reason for this request is that the best archive footage, photos, stories, people I can pool together (sorry about the pun!) I will be sharing with local TV, radio and the press in the run up to the re-opening and indeed well after. So please send me an email with your story and contact details and will be back to you within 24 hours or sooner. A picture says a 1000 words, so if you have a photo, old newspaper or even footage to support your story then that would be brilliant! You can contact me at:

I have to move rather quickly with this campaign and have all my editorials ready by early September, so please don’t delay if you’ve got a story to share then send it over as soon as possible. Ask family and friends that used to live nearby, local residents, local historians – anyone with a smashing story to tell!
Best regards
Julie Vindis, Stakeholder Communications Manager
Investing in Leisure Programme – Southwark Council
3C/D21 160 Tooley Street, SE1 2TZ
07973 753014


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