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Camberwell Village Hall – planning application

To the Camberwell list of PRN
for your information, In case you are not yet aware of this campaign:

For a summary of the issues and the campaign, see the website and click on the links at the top of the page.
Latest news from the Campaign is:
The House of Praise have made no attempt to engage with the community and have made no guarantees that the building will be available for community use outside of the church’s own activities.
They have said that they hope to have at least 850 people for each Sunday service, and that about a third of the people arriving will come by car. However, there is provision for at least 1500 seats so that could equate to a lot of cars coming and going for each service (around 450). And with less than 50 car parking spaces available, that’s a lot of people looking for somewhere to park.
In addition there is no evidence that it will benefit the local economy and they expect people to come from all over London.

You can still sign the petition To do so, click on the link below.
And you can still send letters to the planning department about .
* Amenities and Regeneration
* Transport and Noise
* Consultation and the Arts in Camberwell
see website for information


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