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Consume Peckham – Cinema Wed 17th Nov

Here is a sequel to last year’s most popular local film. Don’t miss it if you are interested in the future of businesses in Peckham, or the vibrant local social economy we have here, or local film making or other things! Come and enjoy and also support our own local independent Cinema.
This film will satisfy a variety of interests, and is followed by a celebration in our very own Bussey building, which now has a promising lively future.
The Copeland site where the Bussey is, just minutes from the Cinema, has been rescued from a plan to kill it off for a soul-less tram depot (see here for a 2007 article on the meaning of that: )


WEDNESDAY 17 NOVEMBER 6.30 – 8.30 pm
New Film – Consume Peckham: Take 16

Peckham Multiplex
Admission £1.99

9 – 2.30 am

*Consume Peckham: Take 16* comprises sixteen short films focusing on a variety of local businesses. Together they build up an authentic portrait of Peckham’s rich and diverse local economy, as well as questioning how these different cultures are able to live side by side.The filmmakers from Chelsea College of Art & Design have immersed themselves within the community. The aim has been to build relationships and to gain the trust of the businesses whom they are seeking to observe, understand and represent.
From bread production to international shipping logistics; from bespoke fashions to the ever-busy greengrocer; Consume Peckham: Take 16 provides a snapshot of the varied and occasionally bizarre cultural mix that is to be found in South London’s most infamous postcode. See below for film synopses.


| Melange Chocolate
Steven Williams, Sarah Bates, Kate Black
Run by self taught chocolatier Isabella, Melange Chocolate is a passionate addition to Peckham’s gastronomic offering. Passing on her trade and talent to the local community through chocolate workshops, her specialist cuisine is made available to those with a keen taste for interesting, sometimes exotic flavours. With previous experience of other cultures and professions behind her; we explore the fusion between Isabella’s chocolatier and the growing trade in the cultural melting pot that is Peckham.

| The Greyhound Pub
Joe Mania, Sophie Heath, Louis Yiallouris
The Greyhound is a pub set deep in the heritage of the local community. For locals Peter Hill and Brendon McCann, the pub is a vital part of their day to day lives. Having met thirty years ago in pubs in the surrounding area, the two have seen the community grow and alter around them. Whilst Peter can sing like Elvis and do maths like a mathematician; Brendon’s passion lies in deer print shirts and silver belt buckles.

| Born and Bread
Isabel Gibson, Joe Myers, Jack Haslehurst
Born and Bread, a wholesale bakery in London caters for a widespread clientele, from the local delis of the surrounding area, to luxury food hall of Harrods. Exploring the process behind bread production, the documentary sees the varying forms of bread created, catering for all cultural tastes. Following the process from the ground up, this film explores the initial selection of ingredients; through to the mixing process and baking in a traditional wood burning oven. Following the delivery in the early hours of the morning, the bread is seen from preparation to baking; to packaging and delivery.

| Theatre Peckham
Yasameen Noorian, Sam Pavans de Ceccatty, Jessie May Peters
Established in 1985, Theatre Peckham is proud to be celebrating its 25th anniversary his year. Founded under the name New Peckham Varieties, the company has become an inspirational aspect of the community. Currently preparing for their Christmas performances, we follow rehearsals, as well as the variety of classes taught. Budding actors, singers and dancers attend the theatre, making the company a hub for local creativity. The vibrant and imaginative atmosphere found within the theatre is an exciting representation of young, creative arts within Peckham.

| Ryecraft Motors
Simon French, Jon Endres, Elaan Bourn
Ryecraft Motors is a Peckham based automobile workshop established in 1982. This short film document’s several days worth of work from mechanic and owner Pete’s perspective. Born in Cyprus, Pete was first introduced to automobile mechanics at the age of eight; an honest man who works a manual trade and runs his own business. Coming from a background of long hours, dedication and ambition, Pete and his workshop offers a glimpse into a skill now sadly in decline.

| The London Chroming Company
Dan Cooper, Joshua Stocker, Frasier Howie, Margarita Young
The London Chroming Company is one of Britain’s last traditional chroming facilities. Based on the Old Kent Road, the company was formed in 1979 by Mike Chamberlain and Phillip Lefelle. Hidden behind a non-descript façade, is an Aladdin’s cave filled with car bumpers, grills, panels, and bubbling vats of chemicals. The film gives an insight into a long forgotten craft, most of which hasn’t changed for over a century, along with the personal stories of the individuals working there.

| Peckham Spares
Christian Jeffrey, Veronica Law, Tineshia Johnson
For over thirty years, Peckham Spares has assisted the local community with its mechanical needs. Now owned by Harry, the family run company is crammed with spares and catalogues for every vehicle imaginable. We observe the importance of the company to people within the local community, and see the vibrant personalities who work there. The atmosphere found within Peckham Spares, is a true reflection of the sense of community found in the area.

| Chaz Hairdressers
Didi Blackhurst,  Tom Brushwood
Chaz Hairdressers is one of Bellenden Road’s longest running businesses. Alongside his family, the owner George has opened his doors to the locals for over forty years. In an environment where businesses change hands frequently, this small shop has, in an essence, created a sense of community within itself. Any day in George’s shop sees a diverse range of clients through it’s doors. Alongside the day to day workings of this salon, the film reveals the unusual hobbies he practices on his premises.

| Gisella
Danny Wheeler, Marielle Jay, Chloe Hwang
Gisella is a bespoke fashion boutique based in Peckham Rye, started in 1991 by a mother and daughter. Working by appointment only they have developed a diverse range of clients and projects. Designing and making all their pieces on site the film documents a creative energy at work through a aspirational and unique business.

| Il Giardino
Andrew Baker, Haobo Chen, Helen Chesner
Eduardo Tello, chef proprietor of Il Giardino tells of humble beginnings and Peckham’s culture. Catering for a varied palette, the restaurant creates an eclectic mix of Italian and Peruvian food; with the atmosphere of a Sardinian bistro. Eduardo sees his restaurant as an escape from the reality of urban life, priding itself in its family origins.

| The Bun House
Sophia Ray, Emil Placheta. Gabrielle Gerard
A traditional family run pub, The Bun House is based on Peckham High Street. With a strong community base this pub brings in an unusual juxtaposition of clientele, regulars of over twenty years sit alongside the youngsters. The once empty back room of the pub is now home to The Bun House Bandits – a group of young graduated artists who put on a monthly exhibition, producing work on site. This documentary delves into this dying breed of old English pub; and how the long term regulars interact with the younger artists infiltrating and changing their familiar surroundings.

| Urban Collections
Joel Baker, Greta Benediktsdóttir, Arwa Al-Balushi
Urban Collections is a small shop tucked away inside Sky Shopping City which caters for the young people of Peckham. What started out as two men selling hats on the street is now a fully fledged shop; still selling hats with jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, music and DVDs too. The welcoming owners use bright colours and loud music in attempt to lure the customer in; acting as a wider metaphor for a business that grabs every opportunity it can. The film considers the vision of two charismatic men whose ambition extends much further than their 5 metre wide establishment.

| The London Car Service Express
Jean Lopes, Ali Coggan, Kelsey Lampman
The London Car Service Express, a well established minicab company based in the heart of Peckham gives us an insight into the local area. We get up close to the inner workings of the business and the relationship between employees and their clients. With over fifty years experience between them, the cab drivers provide the viewer with an insight into the area; relaying personal encounters and personal perspectives on the local people.

| Ali’s Greengrocers
Iona Davis, Natalie Doto, Josh Carpenter
The Greengrocers in Peckham are quiet and unassuming. Take a closer look and you’ll see the vibrancy and passion behind these stalls. This documentary focuses on the richness of the business, from the colours of the fresh fruit, and the relationship between the family members who run it. We observe the day to day workings of the store, and the touching personal relationships formed between a local greengrocer and the customers.

| Nimba Shipping
Bhav Mistry, Emma Noble, Morgan Winter
Nimba Shipping documents the process of transportation involved in shipping customer’s goods from a small yard in Copeland Industrial Park, Peckham, out to Africa. We gain an insight into a service that connects Africa and Peckham physically through trade and logistics. Sarjoh the owner of the organisation along with his staff, friends, customers and passers by expose their working system, and their vital role in serving the community.

| Neil
Olivia Tytherleigh, Matt Flynn, Jessica Waters
Neil is the proprietor of five small business in Peckham. Through first hand observation of his diverse collection of business and anecdotes from Neil and his staff, this documentary aims to give an insight into those who provide a service for the Peckham community. With a primary focus on the coin operated Laundrette, a communal hub of Peckham; this dated practice is seen as integral to local community life.

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