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24 January repeat film showing – Consume Peckham

In response to local demand, the new film on Peckham’s small businesses will be screened again on 24th January at our own independent local cinema in Rye Lane. It is the second annual film, made by graphic design students. It is fascinating and entertaining – the result of an excellent marriage of teaching and work experience. It creates great opportunities of learning for the students, and also for us locals to learn about our own community of which we are part.

This year’s films show a yet different slice of Peckham, real life rarely seen. Let’s encourage the producers to make this an annual series, as there is so much to be known. A new genre in the making?

See detailed information below.
Further information from: Kieron Dennis <>

Best wishes for the New Year!
Peckham Residents’ Network

95A Rye Lane, opposite Elm Grove
7.00 – 8.30 pm

Consume Peckham: Take 16 comprises sixteen short films focusing on a variety of local businesses. Together they build up an authentic portrait of Peckham’s rich and diverse local economy, as well as questioning how these different cultures are able to live side by side. The filmmakers from the Graphic Design Communication Course at Chelsea College of Art & Design
have immersed themselves within the community. The aim has been to build relationships and to gain the trust of the businesses whom they are seeking to observe, understand and represent.
From bread production to international shipping logistics; from bespoke fashions to the ever-busy greengrocer; Consume Peckham: Take 16 provides a snapshot of the varied and occasionally bizarre cultural mix that is to be found in South London’s most infamous postcode.


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