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rail stations – PR Station Travel Plan, & rail company contacts

News to the SRUG sub-mail list from Southwark Rail Users Group,

Southern Rail have developed an action plan to improve some aspects of travelling to and from some of their stations. Peckham Rye is one of their stations, and the station travel plan is attached.

  • If you use Peckham Rye station and have any views on this please email
  • If anyone is keen to volunteer to monitor how well Southern keep to this plan, please let SRUG know:
  • If you use any of the other stations and want to contact the rail companies, these are the stakeholder liaison contact points:

SouthEastern Rail:
for Nunhead and Denmark Hill stations.

Southern Rail:
for North Dulwich, East Dulwich, Queens Rd Peckham & South Bermondsey stations.

In addition, Barry Jones the Station Manager for the Southern Rail stations, including Peckham Rye, is contactable via the Station Manager’s Corner on the East Dulwich web forum. You can post a message there to him about operational matters at the Southern Rail stations and usually get a fast response.
Go to the first link to see his message when he first set this up 18 months ago:,263327,page=1
and to the second link to see the latest page where you can post your message:,263327,page=35

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