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Old Waiting Room – next exciting steps

Old Waiting Room – CIC possibility



Have you seen the restored Old Waiting Room yet at Peckham Rye station? See  the picture at . You can see into the room through the door on Platform 3. This restoration is the work of local community groups supported by small grants from the Council through the CGS (Cleaner Greener Safer) Programme. There is still quite a lot of restoration work to do and to raise the money for. But we are confident that this can be achieved. During this year the next revelation will take place – the unveiling from behind bricked up windows on the ground floor of the wonderful Victorian metal staircase. (See for some pictures).

There is such local interest in the use of the space, which stirs the imagination and lifts the sprits of most who see it, that it has stimulated discussions to develop a local social enterprise company of some sort to seek the lease. The enterprise would be to develop an attractive flexible multi purpose venue which many feel is a viable proposition, and would be a tremendous marketing asset for Peckham as well as providing much needed facilities for the local economy and the local community.

The attached briefing note gives more information about this. The organising group is seeking more keen participants. So if you would like to find out more and think you could help in this exciting venture, please email the Old Waiting Room organising group at <> to express your interest and for more information.


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