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diary dates – planning the future of Peckham

Here is some advance information for your diaries about some events in the next few months, arising from discussions in the Peckham Town Centre Forum, in relation to the PNAAP (Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan). The PNAAP report will be out for formal consultation during May – July. In advance, there are some important preparatory events which will be interesting and could influence what goes in the PNAAP report. So they are worth going to if you are interested in these matters.

* SATURDAY 19th FEBRUARY 12pm – 3pm
Sustainable Peckham – a neighbourhood event at the Peckham Settlement
For further information email

* THURSDAY 17th MARCH 5.00pm for 5.30pm-8.00pm
Local Economy seminar in the Bussey building.
To register your place please email

* THURSDAY 31st MARCH evening meeting
Historic Architecture of Peckham
venue to be confirmed, but aiming for it to be in the restored Old Waiting Room

Initial information on each of these is below.

There are also neighbourhood events being planned for Nunhead, and for the areas east and west of Rye Lane on both sides of the town centre. For further information on them, or to suggest other events contributing to planning future Peckham,  email

PS check out the latest on the website about the restored Old Waiting Room at the station. What do you think it could best be used for to benefit Peckham?

see also:
This will be an informal interactive event, and include contributions from the Council and local groups on growing our own food, conserving energy, making our streets fit for people, development of the Wooddene site, redevelopment of the Peckham Settlement. If you have any suggestions for further topics of special interest to north and east Peckham, email
LOCAL ECONOMY SEMINAR 17th MARCH 5pm for 5.30pm-8.30pm
Message from Michael Carnuccio, Planning Dept, Southwark Council:
We want to get a range of people there, who have an active interest in Peckham’s local economy, and from a range of backgrounds, to attend and make an active contribution to the discussion.
* The seminar will look at a range of issues including business support and needs, jobs and training, shopping, markets, culture and entertainment.
* The discussion will be an important contribution into the preferred options for the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan, which will be a blue-print for the area’s future (for more information go to
* The event will be at the CLF Cafe, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane. There will be refreshments from 5pm, with the seminar beginning at 5.30pm and closing at 8pm.
* To help us plan the event, please let us know your interest by emailing
* If you have a particular interest in making a short presentation please contact
* We do hope you can come and make a contribution.
Message from the Peckham Society:
We will be hosting an evening meeting about the architecture of Peckham.
* We will present new research about Peckham’s architectural history and suggest ways in which its best buildings may be preserved and re-used in the future. We will also show how Peckham’s community might enjoy and contribute to the society’s preservation campaigns.
* This event is planned in connection with Southwark Council’s consultation for the new Peckham Area Action Plan. We hope to hold this event in the Old Waiting Room at the Peckham Rye Station which the Peckham Society has been helping restore.
* The Peckham Society has high hopes for our town centre’s redevelopment and conservation – come and join the debate.
* Further details to follow on our website when the venue is confirmed.

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