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Save Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground

Message from Friends of Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground

Southwark Council want to turn our Recreation Ground into more burial space. A decision will be made in March so time is running out. Please can you pass on the information below to your members. Should you want any additional information please email us and we would be happy to send it to you.

The Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground is off of Brenchley Gardens and is designated by Southwark as one of the borough’s smaller parks, as is Goose Green and Brenchley Gardens.  Hopefully you will support our efforts to protect this green space and ask your members to sign the petition on:    

Friends of Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground:

Save Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground

Southwark Council want to turn our Recreation Ground into more burial space. A decision will be made in March so time is running out.  If you believe that Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground should stay as an open public green space then please sign the petition on:    

Support our campaign to call on Southwark Council to abandon any plan to use it as burial space and help us to save our green space, playing fields, children’s playground and tennis courts.  Check out the Friends of Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground blogspot which now has an e-petition and poster:

There’s a new thread on the East Dulwich Forum:,621774

There’s also a new thread on SE23 Forum:

email the Friends of Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground:

4 responses to “Save Honor Oak Park Recreation Ground

  1. Me! Me! Me! 13 March 2011 at 1:57 am

    I was visiting a deceased cemetery loved one just today (a Saturday afternoon) and chanced to peer through the paling dividing said cemetery from that expansive burial green in question. There were more seagulls utilising the space than homo sapiens. The number of ‘live humans’ I saw on that Saturday afternoon ‘sizing up burial space’ (exercising) wouldn’t have made up a football team – though, commandeering a few gulls would have done the trick. Lol!

  2. Rob 10 September 2011 at 11:27 pm

    So called ‘Honor Oak Recreation Park’ is historically designated London borough of Southwark ground for Southwark burials. That has to be absolutely undisputed in law. Just because locals of the neighbouring borough Lewisham have taken it over for so long doesn’t mean that Southwark locals for whom the ground really belongs can’t reclaim it properly for the loved ones they now require urgent burial space for.

    Additional burial space is sorely needed while so many cemeteries are now full. In any case, when ever I pass by the ‘disputed space’ all I see are dog walkers with their mutts off lead in an empty landscape.

    Sorry Lewisham – it’s time for you to use your own green space rather than Southwark’s to do your dog dumps on. And, if you don’t mind please create your own recreation ground on your own spare cemetery land.

    • Ali G 2 February 2012 at 3:40 pm


      IMHO Thats an incredibly short sighted way of looking at things. Is it impossible that Southwark fringe dwellers ever use lewisham services? Should southwark residents be banned from flying a kite on Blackheath? Would you ever consider moving out of southwark but wish to continue using their facilities?

      There are genuine arguments regarding the ownership of the land, prior agreements for its use, alternative short term options for burials, the long term future of burials vs cremations, kicking difficult decisions into the long grass etc.. Personally I think cross border use of public facilities is a non-issue… But then I would say that… I live in lewisham!

  3. Rob 3 February 2012 at 8:50 pm

    By all means share each others ‘cross-border facilities’. And, indeed I do. Except, please then don’t tell ‘the facility owner’ what they should do with the ‘facility they own’ when certain decisions need to be made which impact on said facility’s future. Unless like some hobo squatting in an empty house for 10 years ‘you’ then have a right to call it your own gratis.

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