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seminars: local economy & historic assets

Here is a reminder of these two important events this month arising from our discussions in the Peckham Town Centre Forum, in relation to the town centre and the PNAAP.

* THURSDAY 17th MARCH 5.00pm for 5.30pm-8.00pm
Local Economy seminar in the Bussey building.
To register your place please email

* THURSDAY 31st MARCH evening meeting
Historic Architecture of Peckham meeting in the Old Waiting Room.
This is the restored Old Waiting Room off Platform 3 on the station. It is not open to the public so this is a special rare chance to get into it.

See further information on each of these below.

LOCAL ECONOMY SEMINAR 17th MARCH 5pm for 5.30pm-8.30pm
Message from Michael Carnuccio, Planning Dept, Southwark Council:

A good range of people, who have an active interest in Peckham’s local economy, and from a range of backgrounds, are attending to make an active contribution to the discussion.
* The seminar will look at a range of issues including business support and needs, jobs and training, shopping, markets, culture and entertainment.
* The discussion will be an important contribution into the preferred options for the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan, which will be a blue-print for the area’s future (for more information go to
* The event will be at the CLF Cafe, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane. There will be refreshments from 5pm, with the seminar beginning at 5.30pm and closing at 8pm.
* To help us plan the event, please let us know your interest by emailing
* If you have a particular interest in making a short presentation please contact
* We do hope you can come and make a contribution.
Message from the Peckham Society:

We will be hosting an evening meeting about the architecture of Peckham.
* We will present new research about Peckham’s architectural history and suggest ways in which its best buildings may be preserved and re-used in the future. We will also show how Peckham’s community might enjoy and contribute to the society’s preservation campaigns.
* This event is planned in connection with Southwark Council’s consultation for the new Peckham Area Action Plan.
* The venue is the Old Waiting Room at the Peckham Rye Station which the Peckham Society has been helping restore.
* The Peckham Society has high hopes for our town centre’s redevelopment and conservation – come and join the debate.
This event will be in the restored Old Waiting Room off Platform 3 on the station. This is not open to the public so this is a special rare chance to get into it.
Click on blog on and then click on “brief here” for more information on the Old Waiting Room next steps.


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