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streetscape design consultation

Message to Town Centre Forum

* The Council is consulting on the streetscape design manual. See more
information below.
* The deadline for comments is 18 April.
* The documents and background can be found here: and click on streetscape design in the left hand column.

We need to consider how it will help to improve the quality of the streetscape in Peckham town centre so that the quality of the experience for pedestrians and shoppers is much improved. Can you look at it and send in your views about it from that perspective?
This is the Council’s introductory blurb on the website:
<<Streets and spaces are the public face of the borough with the potential to
positively or negatively affect perceptions of Southwark. They are also
where many of our vibrant social and cultural activities occur. As such they
are as important as the buildings and landmarks they provide the settings
The streetscape design manual aims to raise the quality and consistency
of the design of streets and spaces in Southwark and widen the purposes
they serve by:
•Introducing a more standardised approach to their design and appearance
•Improving consistency and coordination of the planning and execution of
•Considering all uses and users of streets and spaces in the design
process, not focussing on vehicle movement alone
The manual will be the key reference document for all public realm works
in the borough, so that you know what we are doing to consistently
improve and maintain standards throughout our borough’s streets and
public spaces, and so you can be sure what adoptable standards we will
require from new public spaces and streets maintained at public expense. >>


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