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plan for alley alongside Peckham Multi Plex cinema

email to Peckham Town Centre Forum

please see email below about a young people’s project to brighten up, with mirrors and lights, the alley alongside the Peckham Multi Plex. If it is the right plan, this would be very beneficial to our town centre, and especially in the summer with all the thousands of visitors to the Hannah Barry Gallery and Frank’s Cafe. They will soon be applying for planing permission, so NOW is the time to get your views in about the proposals, to give the project the benefit of our local knowledge.
Please send them direct:
to Rosey Slay <>,
cc <>

PS = sometimes attachments cause difficulties in transmitting emails to a multiple mailing list. If you have any problems in opening the email or attachments let me know and I will send again to you directly. Also there is a weblink which may break onto two lines in transmission. In which case please don’t try to click on it as a link in  the email, but copy and paste without the break into your web browser or into a word doc and click from there.
Email from Rosie Slay
Young People’s Co-ordinator for London East
Mobile: 07855212496
ITV Fixers is a project of the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, and is supported by v, the youth volunteering charity, the Cabinet Office and ITV.

Hi, I’d be grateful if you could forward this email to Peckham Town Centre Forum and any other interested parties.
I am writing with regards to a youth-led regeneration project in Southwark called ‘pollinate’ which I would like your feedback on.
The project is being run by 2 local students, April Hudson and Emma Harrison, with the support of the charity ITV Fixers, who want to take an area of Peckham which is regularly used by the community but that could be beautified, and make an intervention in this space which makes it brighter and more secure.

They have been working on a design for an alleyway which leads down the side of the multiplex cinema in Peckham, just off of Rye Lane, which involves installing convex mirrors and a series of LED lights, a few small changes that they hope will make a big difference. The convex mirrors will be positioned at a corner between the cinemas entrance and the alley, so that when people are going round the corner, rather than feeling apprehension about what might be down the alley, they feel more secure as they are able to see ahead. There will be several of these convex mirrors, designed in an organic bubble shape. The LED lights aim to tackle the problem that there is irregular dim lighting along the alleyway. There will be a series of small LED lights which are built into fencing and are attached to motion sensors so that when people walk down the alley the lights will turn on and linger until they have left. Both elements work in tandem with each other to heighten a sense of security in the area. We hope that both of these features will not only make people feel safer, but they will also be interactive and attractive  and help local residents enjoy their area more.

We thought that this area would be a good place to make an intervention as there have been several projects which have been set up in the multi story car park in recent years, including the Hannah Barry Gallery. These projects have meant that this area is being used far more regularly, yet the surrounding space has been picked out as an area for regeneration. We see this as an important step to improving the appearance of the local area.

We are about to apply for planning permission for this project but would like to brief local groups about our project and get their feedback, so that we can make any necessary changes. I’ve attached files of the proposed plans including the location and sketches of the design, and I would be very grateful if you could look at them and let me know if you have any feedback. These files should also be available to view online at <
er&task=userProfile&user=450&Itemid=96> shortly.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Rosie Slay
Young People’s Co-Ordinator for London East
Mobile: 07855212496
ITV Fixers is a project of the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, and is supported by v, the youth
volunteering charity, the Cabinet Office and ITV.

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