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A Celebration of Peckham’s Historic Architecture!

Peckham’s architecture

THURSDAY 31st MARCH 6pm for 6:30pm – 8:30pm

at the Old Waiting Room, Platform 3, Peckham Rye Station.

This is a rare chance to see inside the Old Waiting Room. It will be some time before it is open to the public. We will report on progress at the meeting. See attached pdf for photo. Volunteers are needed to join our team working to bring it into full use; if you are interested do come and talk to us on 31st March, or email:

We look forward to seeing you in that fabulous space!

A Celebration of Peckham’s Historic Architecture!

To help launch Southwark Council’s consultation for the new central Peckham Conservation area, the Peckham Society has organized an evening event, which is a must-see for enthusiasts for South London’s architecture!

– Architectural Historian Johanna Smith of English Heritage offers a new look at the Peckham High Street and Rye Lane based on her discoveries while writing the recent Peckham Historic Area Assessment.

– Conservation graduate students from New York University will present fresh research on Holdron’s and the Bussey Building, landmarks along Rye Lane.

– Local architect Benedict O’Looney will talk about the next steps in the restoration of the Peckham Rye Station and the Peckham Mosque extension on Choumert Grove being built this summer.

– Council officers will be joining us to discuss the proposed new conservation area and the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan, also being consulted upon.

– Savour the faded glory of the Old Waiting Room at the Peckham Rye Station awaiting its Renaissance.

6:30 – 8:30pm Thursday the 31st of March at the Old Waiting Room, Platform 3, Peckham Rye Station. No rail tickets necessary!

refreshments  and  cheer  from  the  Peckham Society


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