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Student urban design project: Sense of Peckham

Message from Peckham Vision

Over the last few years our work in promoting local ideas about revitalising Peckham town centre, and through our website at has drawn lots of students from different professions to use Peckham town centre as a case study. Below is some information about the student’s project which was displayed at the event in the Old Waiting Room on 31st March.
Message from Laura Jagota:
I am studying for a Masters in Urban Design at Leeds Metropolitan University. For my major design project I have chosen to look at Peckham Town Centre. Peckham’s vibrant and historic character presents many opportunities and I am excited to be working with such a dedicated community. I hope that the ideas from my project will inform the future plans for Peckham. I am therefore very keen to get your views about my ideas. Your comments will help me to develop more detailed proposals, which I aim to present to the community at a future event.

I presented my work at the meeting on 31st March in the Old Waiting Room. The information displayed there is available to download on the website at It includes a site analysis of the area and ideas for potential improvements. They are in three parts:
* Sense of Peckham 1 : The site analysis identified some of the issues in Peckham Town Centre, such as narrow pavements and large amounts of traffic.
* Sense of Peckham 2 : Find out about the history and character of Peckham which has formed the basis for the vision.
* Sense of Peckham – creating the vision : Have a look at the initial ideas for addressing some of the issues in Peckham Town Centre.

Comments are needed by Friday 22nd April. You can do this by
completing the online form at
For more information please contact: Laura Jagota at


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