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ITV prog – rail users

Message to Southwark Rail Users’ Group

Are you a regular rail commuter suffering from the effects of trains full to capacity and subject to lengthy delays?  If you are, ITV would like to hear from you for their documentary on the railways. See the details below. Please pass this information on to other rail users. 

Southwark Rail Users’ Group



I work for ITV’s flagship current affairs programme Tonight with Julie Etchingham and we’ve been commissioned to make a half hour documentary looking at the country’s railways.

One of the key issues we want to highlight is the experiences of commuters who have to face the daily stresses of catching trains filled to capacity and sometimes lengthy delays. I would like to
speak to members of your organisation or other fellow rail travellers about their daily commute with a view to them taking part in the programme.

We are looking for people who feel strongly about this issue, are generally against the ticket price increases, and are concerned about safety, overcrowding, delays and the lack of response from some operators. People who feel like they have no choice but to suffer on their way to work, and on their way back home.

We would like to find commuters willing to keep a diary of their journeys for a week to help us pick up on the main problems and then try to unpick them within the show.

We are also asking people to send us any mobile phone footage of the crowded trains that they have taken so we can show this in the programme.

I would appreciate it if you would ask people if they might be willing to help out with the programme to give me a ring or to pass on their contact details. My office number is 0161 9521079 or my mobile is 07825196199.

Suzanne Cathery | Assistant Producer | Broadcast | ITV plc
Quay Street  |  Manchester  |  M60 9EA  |  Intl: 0161 952 1079 | Mob: 07825196199

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