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Frank’s Cafe & Bold Tendencies back from 30th June

The spectacular success of the Hannah Barry Gallery’s summer sculpture exhibition with Frank’s Cafe at Peckham’s multi storey car park brings them back for the summer opening this year on Thursday 30th June, to 30th September. Thursdays to Sundays 11am to 10pm. To get a flavour, see the short video at More details below from Hannah Barry Gallery. 

Founded in 2007, Bold Tendencies welcomed over 45,000 visitors in 2010, up from 30,000 in 2009. It is an essential part now of the Peckham summer experience. It is part of the stirring of Peckham’s creative potential. There are many examples, including the dramatic restoration of the Old Waiting Room at Peckham Rye station, revealed by the hard work of local community groups, see; and the development of the CLF Art Cafe on two floors of the once threatened Bussey building

Franks bookings: 07582 884 574 or

Bold Tendencies 5  June 30 – September 30 2011

15 large-scale new works by international artists have been commissioned for 2011 by a specially appointed Curatorial Council and will be exhibited for three months.

Bold Tendencies is free to visit and has welcomed audiences from local residents to international tourists. Press feedback has been universally positive, and leading figures from the art world have offered their praise.

Practice Architecture, the architects who created Frank’s Cafe, have designed two new structures for 2011 in addition to the popular bar and restaurant. An Auditorium, built out of brass, gold and straw, will be sited between the concrete slabs of level 7 & 8 and a Billboard Kiosk of polythene and paper will stand at the exhibition entrance.

2011 will see the launch of two free audience programmes – a wide-ranging Events Calendar and Education for children and young people. Bold Tendencies is part of the Cultural Learning Alliance.

Bold Tendencies 5 is part of the 2011 ‘Year of Sculpture’, initiated by the Henry Moore Foundation.

In order to commission the sculpture, operate the site and run a comprehensive education and events programme we need to raise a minimum of £80,000. Central to this is a target of raising at least £7,500 through community funding and a patron programme, with sponsorship and foundations hopefully providing the balance. Your support and generosity is crucial to making this exciting project flourish in 2011 and beyond. For more information on this visit:

More information about the Hannah Barry Gallery:


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