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Peckham Town Centre Conservation Areas 28 June 7pm

The Peckham Society has campaigned for several years for a Conservation Area for Peckham Town Centre. English Heritage examined the historic buildings in the town centre and concluded that they were a collection of buildings of special interest and deserved to be restored and protected. See their report here:

Restoring historic buildings is a significant way to raise the quality of building and urban design in an area so that not only are the old buildings saved for the future but their restoration raises the quality of any new developments as well. The restoration led by the Peckham Society of the Old Waiting Room in Peckham Rye station shows how attractive and dramatic some of these restored buildings can be.

Southwark Council agree that this is an effective way to help improve the quality of social and commercial life in Peckham Town Centre, and are now consulting on the proposed Conservation Areas. See their message below for more information, and how to make your comments.

You can find out the details by visiting the Council’s exhibition in the Peckham Library next Tuesday 28 June between 4pm – 8pm.

Peckham Vision has supported this work of the Peckham Society because of the significant role it could have in realising the potential of Peckham Town Centre. If you have any queries, do please let me know.

Peckham Vision


Draft conservation area appraisals

We are currently in the process of consulting upon proposals to designate two new conservation areas in Peckham.  These two areas are based around Peckham Hill Street and Rye Lane.  We are recommending that people consider the following points:

•Do you support the designation of the proposed conservation areas?
•Do you have any comments on the boundaries of the proposed conservation areas?
•Do you have any comments on the draft conservation area appraisals?

Southwark Council have arranged a public meeting to be held on
between 4 and 8 pm
at Peckham Library (5th Floor) .

Members of the Design and conservation team will be present to receive comments on the Conservation Area.

Copies of the draft Appraisal can be downloaded from:
(copy & paste this weblink into your browser)

Or the draft Appraisal and the plan showing the boundary of the proposed conservation areas can be obtained by contacting Tracy Chapman in the Design and Conservation Team by phone: 0207 525 2289, or by e-mail to the Design and conservation team:

A conservation area is defined as “an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”. We are of the opinion that Rye Lane, Peckham High Street, Peckham Hill Street and Commercial Way included within the boundaries
are of special architectural and historic quality and worthy of designation as conservation areas. The proposed boundaries are shown in the attached maps.

If you wish to submit any comments, you can do so until 4th August 2011 by emailing Tracy Chapman at


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