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Peckham community action after the disorders

Did you see the wonderful post-its on the boarded up window on Poundland’s shop near the Rye Lane / High St junction? You can see something of it as it was by Tuesday here:

It has grown more since then. Crowds of local people of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds gathered throughout the days to express their personal love of our collective neighbourhood Peckham. This has emerged spontaneously from an initiative of Peckham Shed –

A big picture of it even made the front page of the International Herald Tribune the global edition of the New York Times on 11 August, as evidence of the local community’s positive response. What a fantastic way for us to get across another side of Peckham that we know and love.

On Monday evening I spent some hours in the High St and Rye Lane during the disorder having really constructive conversations with a range of local people about our town centre and the opportunities for us all to pull together for it.  At a community meeting called by the council and the police on Tuesday, I discovered that a handful of other people active in the community had been there, but we didn’t know each other. It confirmed a feeling that had grown on me that there is a job for some of us to do that is different from the police and the authorities, but that complements theirs, (a bit like the way active community people started the clean up initiatives and the post-its board in Peckham). But we need to find a way of getting to know each other and developing strong relationships for us to work supportively together in any such situations again.

We can help to start to turn this idea into practical reality, on
SUNDAY 14th AUGUST  5.30pm-6.30pm
All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove, beside Peckham Rye station

This is not a public meeting. It is open to anyone of all faiths and none, taking leading roles in the community in some way. If you are one of those, please do come along, and if you know anyone who is please forward this to them. The meeting is arranged by Jonathan Mortimer the vicar at All Saints Church. See his message below for details, and please email him to say if you are going:  <>


  ——- Forwarded message follows ——-
Subject:    From Jonathan, vicar at All Saints
From:       J MORTIMER <>
Date:       Wed, 10 Aug 2011 16:26:14 +0100

 Good to talk with you after yesterday afternoon’s meeting.
 As promised, I’m sending you the details of Sunday’s gathering which we’re hosting. I’d be very glad to see you there. Please do pass this on to your networks. It would help us to know (if possible) who is coming as we are offering drinks and cake at 5.30, and before the 7pm service.  

 The 5.30pm gathering is specifically for leaders in the community of all faiths and none, and is no more and no less than an opportunity to network, to share our heart for Peckham and its people, and maybe to set up a regular gathering of this sort which we at All Saints would be happy to host. I’m not one for meetings for their own sake, but I do believe in the power of relationships and trust through which much can be achieved!

 Sunday, August 14th, 5.30pm.. All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove. All community and faith leaders are welcome to join us for one hour of sharing who we are, what we do, how we can work together. (No obligation or expectation to stay on for the one hour service that follows, but all are warmly invited to do so).

 7pm. All Saints Church. Service for peace. In partnership with ‘Southwark for Jesus’ and urban youth charity ‘XLP’, anyone is invited to  join us in thanking God for our community, and praying for peace and reconciliation on our streets. Finishes at 8pm.

 Hope that’s helpful.

 With all good wishes,

 (Revd Jonathan Mortimer.)


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