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Peckham Peace Wall latest news

Here is the latest news about the now globally reported Peckham Peace Wall and its remarkable future:
from the organisers of the wall…..

1 ; Firstly we are now on our second Peace wall ! Poundland replaced their window today but were so touched by the communities work that they paid for a new board to be put over the glass so that the people of Peckham could continue with a new Peace wall. The previous three boards, now all full of amazing post it notes, have been moved to Peckham Library for public display until a more permanent home/exhibition space is found for them.

2 ; Secondly, after all the coverage the council have been in touch about preserving the wall for all to see in the future and to mark the resilience of Peckham People for all to see. As I mentioned the originals are now in the library on display and the new wall is in full swing ! Currently the idea is to preserve the boards in some way and display them permanently under the arches next to Peckham library – potentially with the help of some local artists. We are keen to keep an interactive element
going as well so the wall can continue to grow – any ideas regarding this please post them on the Peckham shed Facebook page or on the Peace wall itself.

3 ; Thirdly, Peckham shed would like to ask the community to continue to add to and take responsibility for the Peace Wall. As a small charity we aren’t able to man the wall every day but
would love for the wall to grow for as long as the community wishes it too. So, if you have any time to pop down or are passing by please ensure all the post it notes are attached properly , that people are encouraged to add their ideas/voices, that pens and post-it notes and sellotape are available. Please also feel free to advertise the wall as much as possible.



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