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INSIDE OUT London follow up to Peckham Peace Wall

The Peckham Peace Wall continues to spread its message far and wide. A new community photographic project is starting in Peckham to spread out across London. See the message below from Peckham Shed and also this blogspot for some of the project’s first images and video clips of Peckham:


There will be an event in Rye Lane on Sat 27th August. Follow the blog or the Facebook page (see below) to keep in touch. Please pass this on to neighbours and friends especially any young people.
Message from Peckham Shed <>

we’ve been contacted by a group organising a participatory arts project in response to the recent disturbances in London. This is a really exciting project that could help to bring different parts of our community together.

It would be brilliant if this could bring together some positive young people from Peckham, but it should also be for everyone so please forward information on to all your service users. More information below.

Thanks, Peckham Shed

INSIDE OUT London: We stand together for reopening, rebuilding, and moving forward with a new understanding.

Around the world people have been using photographic portraits to tell their stories in the streets. Black and white images are made into posters, pasted in public to encourage community dialogue and archived online for the world to see. Visit <> to see what group actions are happening right now around the globe. Some further context on it’s origins to the popular TED Conference and the French street artist JR can be found below this email.

Bringing it back to London, in the aftermath of the recent violence we want to allow the community to share their thoughts on how we move forward together. There are countless stories of local residents who have acted as heroes in the face of what happened…and it is this pride for the community that makes us want to shift the conversation to who we really are, so that together, we can start to rebuild.
We would absolutely love your support in reaching out to the community to tell them about this project. At the end of the day this has to be a project created by the community, for the community. We want as many people/stories as possible to create this tapestry of Peckham. The INSIDE OUT project team based in New York are going to donate the posters for free (normally $20 p/poster) which is amazing, so we can really think big and feel supported.

We have set up a Facebook page  <> and a blog <> to get the word out. It would be great to send these links out to your network and include a call-to-action to get involved by submitting their story/image & to take part in the community pasting, planned for Saturday August 27th (specific pasting locations TBD but focusing on Rye Lane if we can get appropriate permissions.)
I did notice that you are moving the first “Wall of Peace” to the library and was wondering if you are you still going to based outside the Poundland Shop? This seems like the perfect place to have your community come and meet with us to have their images/stories taken. Do let us know what you think as we’d be happy to schedule a day/time to meet people there (or somewhere else more convenient.)

I’d love to meet in person to discuss the above in further detail, or get on the phone if that is easier. You can reach me by email & phone on 07500549619.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience & thank you again for your support! 


The INSIDE OUT project is a creation of the French artist JR, recipient of the 2011 TED Prize.
People are challenged to use black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share the world’s untold stories. These digitally uploaded images are made into posters and sent back to the project’s co-creators, for them to exhibit in their own communities. People can participate as an individual or as part of a group. Posters can be placed anywhere, from a solitary image in an office window, to a wall of an abandoned building, or in a full stadium. These exhibitions are documented, archived and made available online.

For more information on Inside Out, visit 

About the TED Prize

The first TED Prize was awarded in 2005, born out of the TED Conference <> and a vision by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and entertainers to change the world — one wish at a time. From Bono’s the ONE Campaign (’05 recipient) to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (’10 recipient), the TED Prize is helping to combat poverty, take on religious intolerance, improve global health, tackle child obesity, advance education, and now inspire art around the world.

Watch JR make his TED Prize wish to “turn the world Inside Out” here <

For more information on the TED Prize, visit

One response to “INSIDE OUT London follow up to Peckham Peace Wall

  1. Andrew 19 August 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Hello. I think this is a wonderful idea, and I’d love to be involved. I’m a street photographer, moving to Peckham in 2 weeks. Is there a way I could contact somebody to discuss a way to help with this project?

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