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Post-Riot Peckham… the new network begins! Next gathering Sunday 28th August 2011

Out of the debris from the disorders in Peckham grows a new living network of local people keen to work together to address the multiple causes and conditions that gave rise to them. There will be a further gathering to help this grow on

SUNDAY 28th AUGUST at 5.30pm
in the back hall of All Saints Church,
Blenheim Grove SE15 4QS.

If you want to be involved but can’t come on Sunday, please email and give your details.

As this is just at the beginning of something new, and you will probably be interested in some of the local aftermath to the momentous events of two weeks ago, I am copying the latest news email below. If you want future versions please email  and give your details


Dear all,

Thank you for opting to be part of this e-mail list, it means that you have either attended a gathering of local people talking about what is next for Peckham or you want to. So the next get-together will be on
Sunday 28th August at 5:30pm
in the back hall of All Saints Church,
Blenheim Grove SE15 4QS.

Please do pass this info around your own networks, friends and family, we are not a select group and want as many people as possible to be involved in the re-build of this community.

A recap on the last gathering’s main points were:

1. We share a common desire to work for the good of Peckham as a community, whether we represent a group or came on Sunday as an individual.

2. The diversity amongst us (and others who gave apologies) is a great strength.

3. We recognise the especially key role played by those who work directly with youth. Several such organisations were represented. The importance of mentoring was a recurring theme, with programmes that have been running for many years and which are in urgent need of volunteer mentors with the necessary gifts.

4. Whatever we do together should not be a ‘re-inventing of the wheel’. The meeting itself demonstrated the huge amount that is already happening.

5. There is a need to create a network amongst us all so that we can now and in the future make a co-ordinated response if the occasion demands. We definitely do not need meetings for their own sake nor another layer of bureaucracy, but we will all benefit from mutual support and communication of what is going on.

Thank you Jonathan for capturing this for us!

We also recognise that many people on this mailing list and wider in the community have so many ideas of things we could do and initiate in Peckham, both short term creative ideas through to long term changes and goals for the whole community. Next Sunday it would be great to provide a space for practical ideas to be discussed and small groups of initiators to be developed around these ideas. There are many expertise and skills amongst us and many volunteers who have signed up to get involved and support these ideas. Pulling together is the best way to see them become real. So please have a think of what you would like to do and come armed with thoughts for Next steps for Peckham!!

Secondly, we are looking to start joining all the voluntary/community organisations that work locally and help place all the volunteers that are signing up to serve their local community. If you represent or are connected to ANY organisations that serve this local area then please bring some information about what you do and how others could get involved or support you. PVSF will definitely need to be involved in this… and Volunteer Centre Southwark!

A couple of updates include:

Peckham Shed and a number of other groups are talking about what is next for the peace wall. There are loads of ideas. It will be coming off Poundland shortly and initially stored for ‘data
collection’ – if you/anyone you know would like to help copy down the hundreds of post-it notes then get in touch!!! Ideas past that are being developed, we want to keep it alive and a symbol of peace but also move it forward for people to do more than write a post-it! Any thoughts?

If you want a copy of the local ‘good-news newsletter’ that people are distributing to get some post-riot good news out, please email    Thank you Adam Walker at Peckham Space for putting this one together! If you have any more stories to add please e-mail   for the next edition. One great story Blue Inc have told us is that they are sending the guy that saved their store on Rye Lane by putting the fire out on a holiday of his choice as a thank you, how great is that!!

Keep the good news rolling and if you want to help add stories or put the newsletter together, get in touch!! Please also pass around your networks so everyone gets to hear the good news!

There is a new project supported by called INSIDE OUT… it is a global art project allowing people all over the world to use photographic portraits to tell their stories in the streets. Black and white images are made into posters, pasted in public to encourage community dialogue and archived online for the world to see: INSIDE OUT London is starting in Peckham and capturing the stories of local residents who have acted as heroes in the face of what happened. An example image is attached!

On Saturday August 27th, The aim is that Peckham will come together to paste these portraits in the streets and celebrate the strength, resilience and bond that the community now shares. If you want more information, want to share a story or want to get involved in the day then please Contact <> to find out more & follow them on Facebook <http://> It will be more fantastic positive publicity for Peckham which after years of negative press we want to welcome!

The Council are talking about Saturday 3rd September to come and LISTEN to the community – at the moment they want table and chairs to sit and do a survey on the square. They really want to work with the community on this and I am sure that between us we can think of much more creative ways to capture what the community want to say. The leader of the council will be there and I know that many ideas coming from the community are about listening to each other. Now that the Council
are taking an interest on how to make that happen it would be great if we could help find the best ways (e.g. the peace wall) to help listen.

Dimitri, your peace pod idea could be put back into effect –   Anyone else interested? Please get in touch. We can talk about it at the meeting on Sunday 28th but that only leaves us 5 days before the 3rd.

Finally, The Elephant and the Nun, Southwark’s new community festival celebrating the heart of  Southwark covering Elephant and Castle, Walworth, Kennington, Camberwell, Peckham and
Nunhead is taking place on the weekend of 17th and 18th September. Rescheduled from 14 August following the disturbances. The Elephant and the Nun will bring together community groups, individuals, businesses and schools in a festival that gives the area and its residents a chance to shine.

They are currently looking for projects that are visible and engage the communities of SE17, SE15 and SE5, so for further info or details on how to get involved then contact Southwark Events on 020 7525 3422 or email by Tuesday 23rd.

Well done if you have got this far and thanks for reading…

Thank you to everyone who is spear heading ideas and good stuff and for SO many of you who are wanting to/are volunteering. At the peace event at All Saints on Sunday 14th, we had over 100 people say they wanted to get involved somehow!!

Let’s keep connected and excited about what we can do next for Peckham.

Hope to see you on Sunday 28th 5.30pm.



Twitter: @pkmsettlement

Telephone: 020 7639 1823


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