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Welcome to this website, which displays messages posted on or emailed to people who live or work in Peckham, or have other interests in Peckham.

street-meet neighbourliness

The recent disorders have stimulated much needed acts of neighbourliness.  In Peckham, first we had the instant peace wall that made the global news. We also have our emerging informal community network across Peckham to connect our actions where we share mutual interests in addressing any of the numerous aspects behind the disorders.

We also have residents in the anxieties of the night of 8th August realising we needed to be more connected with our near neighbours in our own street. It is easy to do this as for example residents in Choumert Road have shown. Any of us can do what Adam and Sarah did there – see their story below.

And maybe try smiling at a stranger in the street, and see what happens…



The Peckham disorders three weeks ago proved a starting point for residents in Choumert Road to get together and meet their neighbours The informal event was initiated by Choumert Road residents Adam and Sarah, and resulted in more than thirty people meeting for a relaxed evening at the local pub on Bellenden Road on Monday 22 August.

Anyone with the energy to post a note through their neighbours’ letterbox can arrange a similar meet-up. They just need to name a time and place for people to get together for a drink or a cup of tea, and bring along a few name stickers in case of a big turn-out.

“Seeing locally-owned shops get attacked and looted during the riots, I was really struck that some young people must feel totally disconnected from their community” said Adam. “But then I realised it was a bit rich to simply point fingers at others, when I hadn’t even made the effort to meet my neighbours. My housemate, Sarah, and I posted a note to the sixty or so houses at the top of our street and suggested a date to meet. We were a bit nervous noone would show up, but it was a real success.”

Choumert Road residents will meet again on the first Monday of September, (5 Sept) in another local pub. Anyone living nearby would be welcome.  Adam can be contacted at     



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