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Bellenden traffic walkabout

Message sent to Bellenden Residents’ Group

Here are the details of the traffic walkabout in Bellenden this coming Wednesday 14th September. 5pm – 7pm.   The walkabout will be focussing on the one way systems, and the inter-related issues arising for pedestrians, traffic, junctions, car parking, and anything else relevant that emerges. We will have with us Simon Phillips <> from the Council Transport Policy Unit.

We will assemble at 5pm at the corner of Chadwick Rd and Lyndhurst Way. The route will be:

* along Lyndhurst Way to Holly Grove,
* then to Bellenden Rd and back to Chadwick Road.
* along Bellenden Shopping Parade to Maxted Rd.
* up Maxted Rd to McDermott Rd.
* along McDermott Rd to Alpha St.
* along Alpha St to Choumert Rd, and ending at the Choumert Rd / Choumert Grove junction.

If you can’t be with us the whole route, and can join us for a particular place just judge where you think we will have reached.  Please bring something to write your own notes on your key issues, so that if necessary afterwards you can email the details of those and your reflections to Simon Phillips and BRG <>  We look forward to seeing some of you on this walk in our neighbourhood!


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