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Peckham historic building inventory – call for volunteers

This is a call for volunteers with a keen eye and some basic skills to help in creating a detailed inventory of our town centre historic buildings. If you are enthusiastic about improving our town centre, this would be a significant way to help, even if you have just a few hours to spare.

Peckham Vision is working with the Council to develop an application for a Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) grant (for info see If successful this would provide substantial funds to encourage the restoration and repair of selected historic buildings in Peckham Town centre over a number of years. This would link with several important social and economic strands of work, and provide a substantial base for the whole collective effort to take Peckham town centre successfully and imaginatively forward in the next several decades.

Our chances of being successful in this have been made possible by the very positive English Heritage report – see – on the importance of Peckham town centre’s historic heritage.  Also essential for applying for the THI grant is the Council’s support for a Conservation Area. We hope that will be designated by October this year following the recent public consultation which had very positive responses.

The inventory work needs to be done between now and November. It will involve about half an hour standing in front of each building and noting down particular details about the condition of the building on a standard form. A volunteer could do anything from 4 buildings or more, taking about two hours or more spread over any time you have available. We would arrange a thorough explanation and preparation for the tasks.

The skills needed are:

* The ability to describe the condition of a building and its architectural features.

* A digital camera to take a picture of the building’s front, sides and any noteworthy details you see.

* Access to Microsoft ‘Word’ to fill in the condition survey sheets for us.

* Reporting anything that looks seriously wrong with the building to one of the architects on the
Peckham Vision team to follow up.

So if you think this maybe something you would like to help with please email Benedict O’Looney  <> with your details, and to let us know if you need any further information.

We look forward to hearing from anyone who thinks they might be able to help on this.

Peckham Vision :



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